Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Spoken Words of Spirit--May 24, 2010

Life offers us many chances to grow in personal and soul level ways. Admittedly, there will be stretches when you will not necessarily feel that life is being fair to you. During these times, many of you are having your mettle tested to see just how resilient you can or want to be. There is an important distinction to be made between “can” and “want.”

When issues arise in life that can challenge you, some people see it as a catalyst to prove that they can overcome it. They derive, from a sense of competitive force; that which allows them to see beyond the immediate concern, but clearly towards what it will take to overcome it. Some people actually thrive on becoming bigger than the obstacle! It is all about attitude. The “I can” mentality actually comes from our advice to LG…Let Go, Let God, Life’s Good! It will help to give you a deeper sense of freedom when you honestly abide by these principles.

The other side of achieving an aspect of accomplishment in the face of adversity is to actually want to improve things. We find that many people claim they want something better for themselves, but frequently are held in abeyance by their own fears of breaking away from what feels familiar. Often, this is a false sense of contentment. It is up to each individual to fairly evaluate if they are in the place they want to be when problems or a crisis arises. You must decide if the way things are, in the midst of confusion and fluster, is the way you want them to be in the future. Are you capable of seeing yourself on a path of happiness, or is it one where you see nothing but exasperation? Is the image of your future just one of problem after another problem, or does it look like you will live a life with few annoying issues? What about seeing your physical self in a pain free or pain-filled way? Which image you project says a lot about how much you want to improve. If all you can do is anticipate the negative impressions of our questions, then it is clear to Spirit that you need realign the direction of your thoughts.

The good news is that there are many ways to go about it! You could embrace your angels on both sides of the divide. Asking for help is not a weakness, but a great strength. Reaching for guidance and answers is a beautiful thing; therefore it creates a beautiful mind. When your mind is strong it facilitates positive growth and healing in numerous ways. It allows you to see the freedom of your future in a way that makes you eager to get there. From our perch in the Light, it is a much more joyful energy that emanates from happy souls. Whether or not you want to have one is in direct linkage to the mental movie you create.

Yes, in large part it is you who creates the outcome of your life. While your soul chose the life in which it needed to live; destiny can be altered by your willingness to succeed. Prove to yourself that you deserve more! If you are ailing, then it behooves you to do whatever is in your scope to fight to get better. While you may not be able to grow a limb back, with persistence, patience and meditation you can alleviate much of the pain you feel. While that was a little facetious, the reality is that the human mind and body can accomplish great feats that many people do not give themselves the chance to see. This week, make sure you honor yourself in some small or large way. Do something that takes you out of your comfort zone if that zone has you depressed or unhappy. Make sure you are practical, but purposeful. Know that as you bravely press on, there is an unheralded level of protection to assist you from the King of Angels. Absorb The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

"Life offers us many chances to grow in personal and soul level ways." Yes, it does, in so many ways. I have yet to figure out what I am supposed to be learning at this particular time.

"It is all about attitude." I guess it is how one deals with situations that make all the difference.

There are many messages inside this feels like a lecture and that we all need to take notes. :-) Thanks Jim, as always.

Mary said...

Life offers us many chances to grow in personal and soul level ways.

The good news is that there are many ways to go about it! You could embrace your angels on both sides of the divide. Asking for help is not a weakness, but a great strength.

I have to read this message a few times more

Thanks Jim, My daily Angel:-)**
God Bless

Jim Fargiano said...

Diane, maybe the lesson is about the attitude of others. You're right about all the "mini" messages that are in this blog.

Mary, take solace in knowing that you are not alone. As I write this, images of angels and one male in spirit, are buzzing around you in a playful way. It looks like they are trying to ease things around you.