Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Spoken Words of Spirit--November 18, 2010

When emotions simmer and go unresolved, they can bring about many different forms of belief patterns. Isolation is not out of the question, nor is depression. Misconceptions of other people usually fall onto the side of inconsistency and untruths. You may not always be consciously aware of this because your mental and emotional state will continue to dictate to the subconscious all the negative feelings you have. Spirit wants you to resolve and release all problems!

Much of what we are referring to is more about friendships, romances, family squabbles and even workplace disagreements. All in all, you dis-empower yourselves when you feel there is no closure. During this timeframe, you can choose to elevate your status by coming to terms with the energy you waste being angry. In fact, the more you stew, the more likely you are to become unhappy with the situation. However, when you decide that it is time for you to get a handle on the upset, then you are sending signals that you want and deserve better. There is nothing wrong with feeling that way because you are a crowned jewel in the eyes of heavenly beings.

Too many people do not return to the root of their existence--their soul--when something or someone has gone in opposition to them. If you truly learn to trust in the guidance of the High Power, then you will find that the problems you encounter will dissipate much more rapidly. The emotional drama and wounds will still be recalled, but not with a stifling or bludgeoning burden on your psyche. This is caused by the power of Infinite Intelligence that is embedded into your soul and self. You begin to heal. In fact, when you forgive yourself, the situation or person that harmed you--depending on who was at fault--then you lighten any anxiety, sadness, pessimism and personal putdowns. It is possible to feel freed of the shackles that anger can cause when you love yourself as much as you are being loved by those on the other side.

Our only wish for you is that all people recognize the importance of communication. It helps to heal when things have gone wrong. More importantly, it reinforces relationships that are already good. When you communicate with your loved ones in the Light, you bond more strongly with them. In turn, they are much more likely to be able to enrich your lives through their work in a different dimension, then love abounds! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

I was reading this message as I was on the phone with someone very close to me, someone who I love very much and have tried so hard to help for years. "Our only wish for you is that all people recognize the importance of communication. It helps to heal when things have gone wrong." So very, very true.

Thank you Jim, from the bottom of my heart. xoxoxo

Jeni said...

For some reason the quote "the truth will set you free" comes to mind.
The Golden rule can be applied in this topic as well.
Forgiveness is the root to inner peace. I have had to forgive many and hand them over to God! I refuse to let these evils enter my world of bliss. I have control - it's my world and thinking or dwelling on them would bring them into it --- they are not allowed :)! I kill with LOVE!

Thank you for this topic - how freeing it is!

Blessings of wellness to you,

Mary said...

I think this was written for me today..

Too many people do not return to the root of their existence--their soul--when something or someone has gone in opposition to them.

I had so many mixed emotions today with a family member whom I adore.
Who cannot learn to live the right way and this breaks my heart.

After reading your wise words, Jim I feel great lifting of my emotions.

Thank you so very much.
God Bless :-)**

Jim Fargiano said...

We all go through challenges from others that will make us stronger when we refuse to become part of their drama. Jeni, you are right. The truth does set you free because you never have to worry about what you said,might have said, etc. If the truth is always lived, then you have no tracks to cover.