Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Spoken Words of Spirit--November 19, 2010

Sometimes we have our lives abruptly changed. Your responses to any situation that requires adjustments in unexpected ways is crucial to your long-term happiness. The universe has only one constant in it; the never ending changes and alterations that are infinite. Unfortunately, most of you have already jumped to the conclusion that we are referring to something hurtful to you. However, changes that are designed with wonderful opportunities frequently cause as much angst as negative ones.

The manner in which you step up to embrace both types of circumstances is what makes your personality mold to be unique. While all humans go through the loss of loved ones, it is how you honor and adjust to their exit from the physical world that determines the magnificence of your own future. Some of you recognize that creating foundations, communication boards, or improving your own actions on earth as a token of your love for them sends a beautiful signal to all people. You honor them, but even more so, you are honoring the blessed person that you are. This is not only going to help their souls rise higher in the Light, but paves the way for yours to do the same when that eventuality takes place. Life on earth needs to be lived with maximum appreciation, much like the angels around you live in the dimension of heavenly energy.

When the universe provides you with an unexpected windfall or any surprising gift that can make you life easier, it is of the utmost of importance for you to handle it properly. If we simplify this to mean financial easement, then we would tell you that the greatest way to show gratitude is by tithing to spiritually promoting causes, groups or people. This allows you to expand the positive in many other lives. What you should not do is to think about all the ways you will give your newfound wealth away. Signaling to Spirit that you do not want the responsibility of being a gracious receiver can cause you to fall back into the exact patterns of your path that you are trying to step away from. Open your arms and minds to success in a welcoming and controlled way.

Our reason for bringing up this subject is because the next couple of months have always been ones of deep changes. Many tired bodies push their way onto the Golden Side. Others are given incredible gifts, both monetarily and of love. It is a time of readjusting your direction; a time to conquer new beginnings! You will find that being aware of the power of your behavior and its effect on the world around you will enlighten your soul and the souls of all you come in contact with. This is your time to be a difference maker! Bring the changes you crave to fulfillment. Be the blessing that we already know you are. Shine the light on your prominence, because whether you realize it or not, someone sees you that way already. Embrace the power of change! Ignite the passion that can be born out of all of it, both good and bad. Ultimately, it is your attitude that determines your joyfulness in the pristine path that is still before you. We hope you understand the significance of what we are trying to teach you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

Life on earth needs to be lived with maximum appreciation, much like the angels around you live in the dimension of heavenly energy.

Yes!! Wish all people knew this

Thank you as always, My Earth Angel, Jim :-)** God Bless

Jeni said...

Jim - are you speaking to me? :)... Unbelieveable! So many wonderful things have been going on in my life.... Small simple things-my thoughts are becoming things and it's so mind boggling I just have to giggle!
I love these spoken words of Spirit and cherish them as guidance! Finding you and your words is such a gift!
Thank you for You!
Gratitude and love to you,

Jim Fargiano said...

Thank you Mary and Jeni. I really appreciate your thoughts.