Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Spoken Words of Spirit--July 18, 2011

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Who you become is set forth by the tone of your thoughts. Having opposing views of what you want will only bring about those points that you would prefer not to have. It is a simple fix. Stay focused on the positive conclusions and outlooks you would like for yourself and dismiss, erase, delete, smudge, or use any other tactic to eradicate any counterintuitive concepts. You deserve better than that for yourself! If you cannot love who you are in the moment, it makes it difficult to love who you would like to become later on.

During all lives, patience can be tested.  However, when you learn to release the tensions that cause it to a Higher Authority, the problem will be greatly reduced! There is no reason at all that you cannot feel the power of your Inner Child at work, unless you make conscious efforts not to trust or tune in to the vibrations of love that sit within yourself. Make sure you spend a bit of time to reflect quietly on all of the facets of your life. Sometimes, it is helpful to review what did not work for you in the past, but only so that you can acknowledge what caused it and not allow history to repeat itself. You will find that your present and future will feel alleviated from the burdens that may plague you.

All in all, your loved ones are doing their best to pave a path of preciousness and love for you. It is all about embracing the smoothness and subtleties that they work in. Trust that the feeling that a special bird or butterfly is sending you is the truth of one way for them to connect to you. Your physical life is much easier when you let the gentle connections to flow around; to envelop you in the softness that can be felt from the skin of a newborn. You are and will always be seen in that loving a way by the Creator and all of those in the Light. May your futures be bright and filled with passion, success and the numerous blessings that are always trying to adorn you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

Trust that the feeling that a special bird or butterfly is sending you is the truth of one way for them to connect to you.

I had a beautiful butterfly stay with me on my deck today. It felt special somehow!!! Awesome!! Now, I read this message

Thank You Jim, Our Angel, for these daily uplifting messages.
God Bless :-)**

Jim said...

Not only being positive in thoughts and actions but being aware of the subtle messages that come our way each day are the two points that this message is sending me today.
Thanks as always to Jim & Spirit.