Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Spoken Words of Spirit--July 6, 2011

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Stress can be one of the biggest limiting factors in your life. It does nothing but ravage good health, as well as aggravate and create tension for yourself and those around you. It is always better to step back a little; evaluate, and then make your decisions and choices of actions and attitude. It will not benefit anyone if you are sniping and lashing out at everything, regardless of the level of frustration you have. It is all about releasing your anxieties to whomever can deal with them better, but to do so without causing any further rancor. Your negative influences will expand just as easily as the positive ones; yet it is the negativity that often prevails during times of stress.

These words are brought to you as many individuals seem to be harnessing extra fears and worries. In a world that is froth with economic woes, war and more, it becomes unleashed within each person’s mind, but NOT THEIR SOUL. With that in order, make sure you try to resonate everything you do at a higher level of love, compassion and understanding. This is intended to be meant for yourself, as well as all the people you come in contact with or have an influence on, one way or another. Be a leader of Light; not a leader of difficult behavior.

Perhaps what we are trying to teach you is that the more you hold onto stress, the more likely it is that you will be unhappy. It is your job to align yourselves with only those in society who can share the movement of uplifting you and all others. It is not beyond the realm of “it’s impossible.” That is a mindset that will only minimize your actions. Spirit always wants to expand them! Expand them to greatness! Expand them to levels of cheer and happiness that is given to you upon your birth! Do not allow circumstances or the poor behavior of others to dictate what you want for your own life. You are all Sheppards of the Light. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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mary said...

Be a leader of Light; not a leader of difficult behavior.

Do not allow circumstances or the poor behavior of others to dictate what you want for your own life. You are all Sheppard's of the Light.

Awesome words to paste into my mind..............

Thank you always,
Jim Our Earth Angel :-)**
God Bless