Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Spoken Words of Spirit--February 17, 2012

Let this be a season of simplicity. Keeping your thoughts concise will help you to keep your focus on what is truly important to you. It makes your efforts to reach your goals much easier, as well as attaining them in a more timely manner. By not allowing yourself to get bogged down with the unimportant aspects of life, your personal wants and needs will accelerate to levels of greatness and prominence.

None of this is to say that we want you walking away from people the moment you disagree on something. In fact, sometimes it is good to have friends who have diversified ideas. Healthy, friendly debates are a part of the universe’s way to stay balanced and to have the highest good for all people to come to the surface. If you begin to think that your way of thinking is the only correct way, sometimes you will find yourself living a very lonely life. What we are trying to explain to you is that while you are cutting down on unnecessary worries, it does not mean you should be afraid to have contrarian viewpoints in your life. All in all, it makes for a steadier and stronger physical experience when you put your ego aside.

Perhaps this message is all about ego. It is about learning that to live humbly is better than to live with an arrogance that has other people shaking their heads. Are you someone who does things impulsively, or with a force of confidence and open-minded approach? There is a difference. Impulsive acts generally do not allow for the inclusion of the other person’s feelings. They are formed from a “I know best” basis, rather than from an unbiased and ongoing educational approach. Make sure you are not losing good people or good friends because you are steadfast or too stubborn to look at another view. What if that viewpoint is the simple aspect that we began talking about?

We try to be straightforward with all of our messages, but sometimes the best way to get something across to the greater masses is to word things differently. This lesson is more about not dismissing good people because you may disagree with them on some point or philosophy. As long as it is not truly damaging, step back and see if each of you can learn from each other instead of feeling opposed. The gift of life to you can be the variation of thoughts from others that ultimately will make your life more simple and fulfilled! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

The gift of life to you can be the variation of thoughts from others that ultimately will make your life more simple and fulfilled!

Thank you always,
Jim Our Angel :-)**
God Bless

Jim Fargiano said...

Thank you, Mary.