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The Spoken Words of Spirit--February 20, 2012

It seems like almost every year a set of resolutions are made in the beginning of the year that are intended to prod myself and others to something better. After more than eighteen years of listening to voices from the other side pound me with “every day is the start of a new year,” it takes away some of the prominence of the typical January tradition. 

That said, I know that my stated choices are the beginning of a new direction. It is up to me to jump in and fulfill the written or spoken desires. While my thoughts may say one thing, my actions and the actions of the universe must be aligned to make them come into fruition. Like you, I cannot say that I want to lose a certain number of pounds, then gorge on fatty and unhealthy foods. While there will always be variations and anomalies to physical conditions that may make your endeavors difficult, it should also be noted that if enough people know about your intended goals, that someone may be able to help you or find the right person to step up for you. That means you will have to put your pride aside at some point and be accepting of it because some of the measures you want may very well require you to be more open-minded.

The reason this is being brought up is that virtually all people set resolutions in the beginning of the year that are too ambitious to be met. The allotments of necessary time to achieve the changes you want to make are often overlooked. If you are like most people, when it comes to having patience for things for yourself, it is a virtue that is often lacking. The only one who can improve on it is the person responsible for the lack of patience, as well as for possibly setting an unrealistic timeframe for your resolutions to be met.

Since everything I do seems to have a spiritual spin or evaluation to it, the failure of meeting one of these goals is usually more of a catalyst for me to invoke a better way to get it done. The word “failure” does not seem to exist in the eyes of the angelic kingdom. They may be setbacks, delays, or even protection, because what you want might be leading to an unforeseen problem in the future. Our journey on earth gives us a chance to always restart our passions. It is a time for all people to know that any given sunrise is a chance for you to be filled with renewed inspiration. While some need the influence of a calendar date to spur them forward; to give them the impetus to step towards a better way to live their lives; setting traditional resolutions at the appropriate time is fine. However, if you have not made progress a week or a month into your goal, it is not a time to automatically assume failure, but to redefine your objectives. Only you and your loved ones on both sides of the divide can define what this supposed failure is.

Regardless of your concepts, any effort is better than no effort at all. I am resolute in the fact that my choices are to always be someone better than who I was yesterday. I will use this New Year as a time to improve my health and wealth, but to learn to be a better teacher to have others feel more empowered in what they can do for themselves too. Life flows easily for all people when everyone abides by the “pay it forward” mentality. It is a basic tenet of the Law of Attraction, where what you want for yourself comes much more easily as you give to others from your heart, provided it is spiritually in balance. Basically, my resolution is to become as helpful to as many people as realistically possible, while taking into account that my own needs also have to be met. It is the latter part of that statement that is often overlooked and very hard for me to embrace. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

"I will use this New Year as a time to improve my health and wealth, but to learn to be a better teacher to have others feel more empowered in what they can do for themselves too."
Jim, this is a very beautiful sentence.
You are already teaching and empowering so many of us. Always give yourself time to recharge. Like you would tell all of us to do.
You are one of earths, Blessed Angels. God Bless :-)**