Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--August 10, 2009

“Let the Light shine in me and make me versatile and free! With your help Lord, just let me be me!” These are words in which we hope you will secure them in your hearts and minds. If you allow them to resonate, you will find a shift in your attitude and energy. Our goal is to simply help all people to reach the apex of happiness. The one interesting fact is that there is no limit on the final destination of where that might be. Let your souls soar and be grateful for your physical existence! Cast fear aside!

Each day is a time of opportunity. It is a chance for you to elevate your mood and your loving connection to life. Only you can direct the path you are on. Are you heading in the right direction? Are you who you want to be? If not, then follow the illuminated path of Spirit. We will never try to convert you to one strict way of abiding by the principles of the universe. There is no special or perfect way to pray. There is but one God and one Heaven, as well as one Kingdom of Spirit. All of humanity is created equal; both men and women. This holds true for the young and old, those who are black, white, yellow, red, brown or any shade of skin. To the High Powers, it is irrelevant. But you are relevant! Trust that if you follow the guidance available to you that your pathway to peace, harmony and love will come to you in a flash. You deserve to give yourself the right to enjoy a life full of anticipated kindness and excitement. Limit yourself no more!

Be bold today! Do just one thing different than you might do normally. Challenge yourself to begin down a new and enlightened road. Today is the perfect day to refresh your connection with yourself, your inner child and with the goals and dreams you have had. Whether these ideals are from your youth, or from a thought yesterday or today, motivation is released! There is a panacea of angels gently nudging you, for they are your teachers and friends. You, however, are their hero. Look at your reflection and bless who you see, as you are now. If you like that person, then all you have to do is stay steadfast on the path that made that happen. If not, this is your chance to gleam in the perfected reflection of the Golden Light. Shake free of inhibiting concepts and ideals of what you may have been told was right or wrong. We know you can achieve greatness! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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nina said...

Thanks Jim,
I have realized that the biggest influence I can have on my day is to keep shifting my attitude to a positive direction, and let Spirit manage most everything else.. And if I'm feeling low, and can't even manage shifting to the positive, I ask Spirit to, "lift me up". My mood then lifts, or Spirit sends a human, "angel" to help me out.
"Each day is an opportunity. It is a chance for me to elevate my mood and my loving connection to life." Thanks Jim and Spirit.

Diane said...

I love this! "Each day is a time of opportunity." So true! We can create our own happiness and our life whatever way we want it to be!

Thanks for the encouragement Jim and Spirit...I will try to "Be bold today!" and do somethng different...

Jim Fargiano said...

Everyday I sit at the computer and wonder what "I" will write about. Then it dawns on me that in order for the words to come, letting go and letting God becomes vital. The words flow and we get messages for all of us to learn from.

Thank you Nina and Diane. Your comments and thoughts are appreciated and continue to help others.