Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--August 6, 2009

Let us explain to you the power that can be unleashed from sharing. How do we get you from point “A” to point “B”? We are sharing our thoughts, as well as our energy with each of you. All of the concepts of how to live life in a more meaningful and happier way come by virtue of the fact that we share our ideas with you. Love spins with it, as does encouragement for you to recognize how eternally and internally powerful you are. Our mission is to enlighten you to be thinking in terms of “I can do it” rather then the malaise of misaligned thoughts and useless ideas given to you from others.

Each day presents a new opportunity for you to become a rising star. You shine in the Light, yet your soul must endure a life housed in a physical body. It can be a confusing path. Mankind was created to be social, loving parts of a bigger society. Yet, it is within this concept that people seem to become confused, power hungry, hurtful, distrustful and sometimes worse. The Creation was not intended to be used to cause havoc on large scales or in the more common inter-personal relationships. It was designed to be a place worthy of Utopian glory. Where it has gone awry is in the devaluation of the need to share with one another.

Today, take time to expand your positive emotions and fortunes with those who can use it. By “fortunes” we are not simply referring to your monetary wealth, but wealth that runs through the synapses of your mind---your knowledge and love. When God places people in your life, He does so with the idea that it will make you stronger on some level. Do not let anyone take that opportunity away from you. With your individual help, the world will be a smoother, more peacefully and lovingly transformative place to live. By sharing your love and not denying it, you become one of strength and a bright beacon of Light and hope for many, many others. You are a healer. Have you been afraid in the past to be healed? The choice is yours. Choose wisely. Embrace the gift of blessings that are showered upon you by the angels. Today will be the day when you decide that living in a life that allows or anoints bad feelings to continue on will not be part of your road. You are loved by many, but must take the time to share your love with yourself too. Never turn away the prospects of true emotion. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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nina said...

Thanks Jim,
I started my day feeling grumpy, but after reading this blog a couple of times I felt my mood shift. Spirit has been sharing thoughts and energy with me and my life is becoming more meaningful and happier. I find that I am more successful in the world when my motivation is based on trust, love and connection. Things flow smoothly for me when I let go of my fear-based resisting. Thanks again!

Diane said...

"You are loved by many, but must take the time to share your love with yourself too." How true! Loving yourself first is where it all begins. I have been reminded of that countless times in the past few months...thanks for another reminder Jim and Spirit! I needed that!

Jim Fargiano said...

I really appreciate that the two of you post your thoughts all the time. You are helping to heal and reinforce others. Thank you.