Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--August 17, 2009

In order to feel renewed, you must make an effort to change something. When you are tired from working too much, most people find a relaxing couple of days will do the trick. For those of you who are feeling stressed, depressed or just tired from the drain that the physical world can place on all people, we ask you, ‘What are you going to do differently?’ At some point, you need to address the cause of your emotions and feelings; not the symptoms.

With any change, only an honest attempt and strong determination to adjust what you are doing is needed. We know you can do this. It is during our communion with you that a sense of unification and oneness will be felt. This is the perfect time to explore new opportunities and new people. There is no secret to any success. It all starts with your desire to want something more for yourself, and then to seek the path to make it happen. You must also see the path by visualizing exactly what you want to attract for yourself. This week is a good time to bring your subconscious to the forefront. It is your time to begin to refresh yourself. Do this with the help of your guides and angels in spirit. Envision precisely what you want with the awareness that there is nothing you cannot do when you accept the prowess and power from the Loving Kingdom of Angels.

You have captivated us! From the side of God, we look at you with enthusiasm and awe. Whether you want to believe it--or distrust it--those of us already back on the side of the Omnipotent One look to you with a glowing love and respect. If we can worship your existence as being so strong, special and needed, then you should be able to do that as well. Today, refresh the way you look at yourself and the things you want. If what you seek is of positive intent, then we will gladly try to assist you to achieve it quickly and securely. On this day, you will make it better by reaching out to those who can help you, both on the Golden Side and the realm of earth. Spirit has always found a way to put the right people in your life, whether peripherally or in a more meaningful aspect.

If you are fortunate enough to be in a good place mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially, then what will insure that it continues is if you reach out to offer support to someone who isn’t. This is precisely what Spirit does. It lifts our spirits up (apparently pun intended) to see the joy in your hearts and souls when we support you. However, you need to not only lean on us, but be willing to do the work needed to embrace life for all it’s worth. May these words resonate deeply within, because they are more important than you may think. Lastly, we bless and thank you for having the intelligence to seek validation, transformation or a way to improve yourself. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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nina said...

Thanks Jim,
This is a really good message. I liked the line that talks about, not only leaning on Spirit, but also be willing to do the work needed to embrace life for all it's worth. It reminds me of the line from the Bible, "Faith without works is dead". For me getting a bigger hammer and slaming away at things is NOT what is meant by works, for me it's more about changing my thoughts to see love and possibility. I have noticed that the more loving I am, the more things just unfold for me. Love appears to be an energy in the universe and is more than just an emotion. Thanks Jim and Spirit! I wasn't going to ramble on and on...but I've done it again. LOL

Diane said...

The love that pours out of Spirit for us comes through so strong in today's message. I am imagining myself giving them all a great big hug and thanks for their support! "You have captivated us! From the side of God, we look at you with enthusiasm and awe." That is so uplifting to hear...thank you Jim and Spirit. You give so much.

Jim Fargiano said...

Nina, Rambling is often an offshoot of having a lot of good points. I'm very grateful that you have so many of htem that you are sharing with everyone.

Diane, I thought I heard the line you mentioned wrong. As usual, anytime I'm hesitating writing it, the words are repeated two or three more times, frequently with more emphasis to get the point across.

Thanks go to both of you for the time you take to post your comments.

Diane said...

Jim, I can understand why you would hesitate because the message is unexpected, yet so womnderful to hear. Spirit continually surprises us.