Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--August 20, 2009

There are times when you are making great progress, only to stall it for what may seem to be an unexplained reason. It is far easier to stay in the same patterns within your life than it is to make a change. If all is perfect, optimistic and successful, then stay the way you are. If not, we endorse the idea of having a little courage to step past the grips of fear. For us, fear is never an option. We see through it, and directly to the graciousness of the beauty that is beyond.

One of the easiest ways to overcome your reluctance to accept the changes is to step aside and trust that your Higher Self will deliver you to the right people and path. Within your physical body, and separate from your conscious mind, is the soul and subconscious. Your soul is a direct piece of the Energy of God, therefore giving you the tools necessary to overcome every hardship. Like the overweight person who loses weight, or the alcoholic who stops drinking, when you look in the mirror and see someone you are not familiar with, it becomes easy to panic. Those of you who never quite grasped the strength and power that comes from living fully in a mode of deep spirituality will also become unnerved as you watch your life improve. You are not alone when it comes to this feeling or these thoughts.

Gaining a path of knowledge, based on many new lessons, is not something to be alarmed about. As you are able to pursue the secure path of love and personal growth, it is only fair that you review what you are doing. While that is good, it is not good to retreat from what is working. All it will do is make you feel comfortable in the familiarity of what you were trying to dismiss so you could improve. Today, it is time to unwrap the new you! Let others see the gem that you are. Crystallize the changes by sweeping away thoughts of negativity and those ideas that may have you locked in a direction of entrapment. You deserve better than that! Don’t be frightened by the visions of the new you. After all is said and done, isn’t this what you want? Reach out to those who have already done this. Ask questions if you are unsure of what you are doing, or if you feel nervous about the newness of yourself. There is always someone to answer your questions, as well as to be available if you need to lean on them in other ways. May all your days be filled with the rainbow that leads to the Golden Light. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

This is another great message Jim. I love what I am learning and not at all reluctant to move forward. I just need more confidence in myself.

"May all your days be filled with the rainbow that leads to the Golden Light." This is a wonderful smetiment to share with the world. Thank you. I don't know if you are truly aware of the effect your work has on people.

C Ray said...

Jim, this hit close and deep in a wonderful way. As always, Thank you for the lift. Ray

Anonymous said...

"May all your days be filled with the rainbow that leads to the Golden Light." How wonderful. What a wonderful way to sign correspondence.

nina said...

Hi Jim,
Another great message! I know that I just need to put my faith in God, who has my hand, and is leading me forward. I have heard,
"I can only see straight ahead, but God can see around the corner." Trust. There is a beautiful plan that is beyond my understanding. Thank you Jim. I see you as in the St Francis prayer, as an "instrument of God's Peace".

ME said...

I clearly need to keep reading your blog every day. It helps me tremendously, keeps me moving forward, and positive. I can't thank you enough!

Jim said...

"There is always someone to answer your questions, as well as to be available if you need to lean on them in other ways"
This is what I am starting to learn. We are surrounded by help and love from the Golden Side, arn't we? Like Diane stated, you should be aware of the wonderful effect your work has had on people.

Jim Fargiano said...

Today, Spirit has been hammering me with words of encouragement for everyone. I think the sentiments each of you expressed in your comments are a testimony of their desire. The goal of this blog--according to my publisher--was supposed to be to promote my book, but Spirit hijacked it the first day. It is their platform to use to get more people to see the simplicity of the connection from the physical world to the realm of Spirit.

When all of you thank me for the messages, while I am grateful, it also lets me know that I'm tuning in the right way. It also makes it more satisfying knowing that the many hours I spend trying to honor the requests of my friends and teachers in spirit is doing good.

Lastly, "Me"--I know who you are. lol