Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--August 27, 2009

Friendship comes as a hard thing for some, yet for others it is overly simplistic. Have you ever noticed how easy it seems to be for a particular person to be at ease in their communications with others? You could also look at a variety of people and get just as many variable reactions. What makes one person more seemingly sociable than another is nothing more than confidence. For some, it may seem to be inborn; at least through your eyes. The reality is that they started off no different at birth.

All people are born with a clean slate and an opportunity to have nothing but purity, perfection and peace painted into their minds. The issue becomes whether or not you are coached, coaxed and perhaps coddled with only thoughts and experiences that are filled with love and expectations of success. The reality is that in a physical world that this theory is virtually impossible. We say this because people have always managed to find a way to make themselves think they are bigger and better than others. In some physical instances, this might be correct. However, from the viewpoint of God and Spirit, this is far from the truth. You are all seen as beautiful specimens of the Creation.

Since we have just told you that, you should now be able to look at yourself with the same worthiness that all others have. Even people of great importance are still mere mortals. Without an ego or arrogance, they can be talked to just as you would anyone else. Superiority is a human creation, but not one given by the High Being. Even Jesus should have been easy to approach, and in fact he was. There are many stories that have been passed down through the centuries of his love for all people, regardless of the way other people may have looked at them. This is because they were equal to him. Yes, yes, we know that statement might get some of you a bit angry or quizzical, and we’re okay with that. Jesus was one of the few who has walked the earth with the purity of his soul coming out in the purity in the way he lived his life. Afterall, this Great Master was born to live and be a man, just like all others.

Now, the reason we have brought Jesus into this is specifically to empower you. He, along with your guides, teachers and angels, are present in your aura. They are all there to give you the confidence you need to enhance your circle of friends. This will allow you to have more people who are hopefully of like-minded positive beliefs. What happens is that your level of confidence grows as you learn that you are not, nor should you ever be, spoken to disparagingly. As your inner Light shines, what radiates is the love of God and life that we want you to embrace. You are undeniably worth the attention and praise we give from the side of spirit. May you walk through your day knowing how much adoration shines upon you from the Kingdom of Peaceful Angels. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

I have found that I am easily meeting more and more people with like-minded beliefs. It seems everyone I have met lately is on their own spiritual path or looking for something.

Thank you for another beautiful message.

Anonymous said...

"You should never be talked to disparagingly".....that is something I have to heal from. Thank you for this beautiful message.

nina said...

Hi Jim,
I love this message. It reminds me of the teaching we got at the meditation about every piece of a puzzle being necessary. If there were a missing piece, the overall concept of the puzzle would come across, but there would be a hole in the design. Every day I practice to see myself as,"part of the body of Christ". Some days with greater success than others, but I forgive myself. Thanks Jim, and Spirit. This blog is a blessing.

C Ray said...

I just had an e-mail discussion on this early this morning with a friend in Australia. Talk about syncronicity. This is such a life changing message if planted well inside the heart. Thanks Jim!

Diane said...

I agree with you C Ray. This message can change your life so many ways if you truly listen and absorb the content.

And no, we should never allow ourselves to be spoken to disparagingly. I understand how you feel Anonymous. I too am healing from that. Words can cut like a knife and leave you in more pain than if someone physically hurt you. At the same time words can heal, and thanks to Jim and Spirit, I am healing.

Jim Fargiano said...

When I was typing this message, my original thought was that it didn't have as much "punch" as some of the others. Then I got my self out of my own way and read it a few times and having the words have more impact each time.

We are all in this life together, and need to work with each other, not against. I'm grateful to all of you sharing your comments. The more we share in this safe format, the more we are helping each other.

K. Frangeskos said...

Dear Jim,
You have so many important and beautiful messages tonight in your post.
Each one of us should be treated with well as respecting all forms of our behavior.
When we grow close to God, HE shares with us HIS wisdom and our thoughts and behaviors change and improve. We become more like HIM in every way...

I love visiting your site!
Thanks and God Bless You
for all your hard work...
Nothing goes unnoticed by the Lord!
Warmest regards