Monday, August 10, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--August 11, 2009

In order to fully appreciate life, you must be able to forgive yourself for past indiscretions. We have said this before, but some things need to be repeated. As long as your intention is to move forward in a manner that opens you to better situations, then releasing the negativity is vital. It is your responsibility to make reparations with yourself so that you can accelerate your way to a powerful and prolific future. You can do it!

There is a way to do this that might sound a little unusual. Most of you are able to abstain from behaviors that are not healthy or helpful to you. There are Twelve Step Principles from AA and other organizations that teach you to work with your Higher Self. This is not to say that all of you need to attend one of these groups, but our reference to it is such that you understand that recognition of God is what allows for you to be strong. By turning yourself to Him, you will feel less disheartened about the challenges that keep you from reaching your maximum aspects. Our reference to God can be changed to your personal liking to any word, term or phrase that means the High Energy. Your soul has a piece of this great energy, thereby making it possible for you to hear the voice of the inner child. You are protected from your failures, but your failures will dominate your right to be happy if you choose not to release them to the universe. Why should you shoulder the burden when there are powers far greater than yourself who are ready, willing and able to lift them from you?

For this one day, think about the things you’d like to change or overcome. If it is a habitual problem, think only in terms of getting beyond the urge to repeat the behavior you do not want. Each time you beat down one of these mental challenges, you begin to build a foundation for them to be overcome more easily. Whether it is an emotionally driven problem, intellectual or physical, it is far easier to lose the stress by submitting to the powers of the higher souls. You are not alone in your endeavors to rise above the bonds that chain you down. Feel trapped no more!

Lastly, we need to point out to all of the light bearers and healers of all kinds, that just because you are able to give the guidance to others does not mean you find it easy to do yourself. You are still human and going through a life of trial and error. You are entitled to have inconsistencies between what you know and what you can achieve personally. For those who fall in this category, it is of particular importance for you to try not to discard the wisdom we are trying to share with you. By thinking you have all the answers, you undoubtedly make things worse for yourself. Trust in the power of the angels who want to be absorbed into your aura. It will make your long-term path one of joy and fulfillment. We know you are capable of being happy. Live life with a zest and invigoration as though you are a child unleashed in a toy store. When God and Spirit present you with the gifts needed, do not return them unopened. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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nina said...

Thanks Jim,
As usual there are many aspects of the message to consider. I select,
"Live life with zest and invigoration as though you were a child unleashed in a toy store. When God and Spirit present you with the gifts needed, do not return them unopened." Wow!! I claim that. I remember the excitement I had as a kid at Christmas time. And I could live my adult life with that same sort of enthusiasm as I eradicate the "bad habits", I have picked up along the way. I'm thinking of the show, "Mame", she says something like, "life is a feast and most people are staving to death." Un-opened gifts. Thanks Spirit and Jim.

Diane said...

I absolutely love this message! it speaks right to my heart and soul, especially this part:
"Trust in the power of the angels who want to be absorbed into your aura. It will make your long-term path one of joy and fulfillment." How perfect!

Nina, I agree with you about the other parts of the message as well. What a great way to describe the gifts God gives us, especially about not returning them unopened!

Thank you Jim and Spirit. What a great way to start the day!

Jim Fargiano said...

Nina, I love the comparison. Life does offer us a lot, but it's up to us to take advantage of it.

Diane, when I "saw" the sentence you mentioned, it was shown as a few larger energy angels, but what was also given were something that looked like running lights on a marquee, except it was comprised of miniture "sprites" bouncing all around us.