Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--August 24, 2009

We look for you to have an attitude of gratitude and forgiveness on all days. It is this divine philosophy that can lead you to many new ventures in living life peacefully and with a sense of self-worth and appreciation. Many of you already know that this simple pattern creates an aura of unity and an attachment to like-minded people. Your physical existence actually gets a taste of the euphoria that awaits on the Golden Side, however, this only occurs when you have deep faith in the meaning.

In your thoughts, a power can be unleashed. Our actions, although vital in allowing yourself to be secure, are miniscule when compared to the power that comes from the vibration of your mind. It cannot be repeated enough that what you think can and will create the outcome you receive. This is why the force that comes from your attitude is far greater than what you perceive. Why else would we remind you of the need to be grateful for all that you do have, and to worry less about what is missing? Do you really think that God and Spirit are focusing on your lack and faults instead of your simple existence and the blessing you are? It is your essence of life that we tune in for. Never deny the love of the angels, when with it, you shall overcome all physical life obstacles. Spirit will show gratitude to you for just a simple acknowledgement of our presence in your life. All in all, it is you who determines your level of happiness. We are in love with your life, as you should be too.

This is the start of a new week, as is every day you awaken. Use it to promote positive, vibrant thoughts of things you would like to accomplish and have. Reach into the depth of your soul to actually feel and believe that what you want is possible. Do this with a the thought of being a good receiver and not because you want to give away the “fortune” you desire. We say this for a couple of reasons. We want you to focus on having an expression of gratitude for who you are in life. Giving away what you want before you get it sends a signal that you would rather not have it. Your family and friends, charities and more, will wait until you have it hand. They are not expecting to get something out of you, unless of course that determination has come from you. Let the one person who is most important in your physical existence be the one to receive a positive attitude of gratitude. In other words, be appreciative of yourself, as God and the archway of angels already do. Work on optimistic visualizations today and be a receptor for all things good. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

Some days it can be really hard to forgive. But I know if I don't it just eats away at my insides. I need to do this--"be appreciative of yourself." During some of the most difficult times of your life it can be really hard to keep yourself "up" all day long. But I will keep trying.

"Work on optimistic visualizations today and be a receptor for all things good." Thank you for this great bit of advice Jim, and Spirit.

Jim Fargiano said...

Diane, I can understand what you are saying, however, some issues are caused by other people and their lack of concern for who they might be hurting. It's the ones who cause the most problems who are generally most in need of taking a good look at themselves.

Be at peace with the effort you are making and it will ultimately rub off on the situation that is eating away. If you don't feed it, eventually it has to stop looking for food.