Monday, August 3, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--August 4, 2009

We want so much for you to be able to understand how courageous Spirit sees you as being. Regardless of how hard a path you may feel you are on, you have had the ability to persevere through it all. In fact, when you feel most hopeless or depressed is also the same time you show the reserve of strength that is within. Each person has the right to be fearless in the face of their darkest moments. You build on your self confidence and self esteem when you realize that you have always had the courage to step forward in the face of fear. You are, without a doubt, a hero to God and those in the angelic realm. You are someone who conquers all obstacles because you know that if you don’t, then the outcome of what you are after will not be achieved.

We are touching on this subject for a distinct reason. Many of you who are striving to become the successful person you envision often feel as though you are failing. In your normal life, failure is not an actual option. Perhaps your actions have setbacks to your road to celestial bliss, but never are you a failure. You have a piece of God in you. It is called your soul. The Higher Powers know that you can be triumphant! Be that! Take time to look at your aspirations long enough to see if your actions in life are taking you to them. We worship most of you from the heavens. If we can look at you with this kind of respect, then why would you cast a reflection that is worthy of less in your mind?

Let today be a new beginning! Allow, on this one day, for yourself to dare to be bold. Jump out of your normal patterns of behavior, especially if your heart is being tugged by something or someone. Let freedom ring within your soul! Discard anger and frustrations. Give them to the universe, for they do you no good. Calculate the richness within you, but don’t become calculating to get it. Trust those who are on a pure spiritual path and who may have come into your life to ignite a new start for you. Grasp the strength of the angels; their goldien cord awaits your touch. Through accepting it, you unveil the truth of who you are and how you want to be seen. Why did we say “through accepting it” and not “by accepting it?” It is simple. All of mankind has to work through life, which includes your journey in the physical world, as well as your efforts to walk on the path of purest good. Happiness comes when you mound the accomplishments one at a time. Eventually, you will be on top of the mountain, where you can scan the cascade of changes you have made to get there. Believe in yourself! We do! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

When I was going through some very difficult times in my life, my Dad would tell me how strong I was, that I was a survivor. I never understood why he said that because I never felt strong and I had no idea how to get through those times. But I did. Your message truly resonated with me today, especially "failure is not an option." It wasn't then, and it still isn't now.

Thank you, Jim, and Spirit, for always being there.

nina said...

Hi Jim,
I like the lines, "Discard anger and frustration. Give them to the universe, for they do you no good".
Today to keep it simple I'm just going to hold those lines close and use them as my mantra. "Just drop it", as one of my teachers says. I have noticed that when I give mental attention to negativity, Law of Attraction, sends me more negativity. I need to keep focused on where I want to be. Keep looking into the hills because there is my strength. Thanks Jim. You are doing great work getting these words out!

Jim Fargiano said...

There are some days when we need to discard everything and start from scratch. We are all survivors and can overcome all obstacles if we allow our minds to do just that. Since we're human, it is easier said then done.