Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 14, 2009

Nature provides the perfect example of how life should be lived. In essence, today we wish to share with you the thought and flight of the bee. They are responsible to some degree for the pollinating of a vast majority of plants, trees and flowers. Bees are usually inconspicuous as they go about their business. They travel far and wide, often pollinating plants that are miles from their own hive. It insures that through their seemingly random selection process that they may not know it would be smarter to stay close to home. However, by spreading out the distance, they are telling us that things can be replenished far beyond what we may be thinking.

If we get to the basics in this analogy, then what you are being told is that although it is important to love yourself and those immediately in your home, you can reach many others when you allow the resin of your soul to be opened and discovered. You will find that as you progress on your spiritual path, reaching out of your “home base” will have you shedding brightness on other people. Your love can be transformed into blossoming smiles of happiness and then the diminishment of negative and depressed thinking. Basically, through your actions of sharing what helps to make the world grow more humanely, as well as more loving and gentle, a tidal wave of tranquility sets in.

The reality of what we are telling you is that no matter how small you may feel on any given day, you make a huge difference. While a single bee may go unnoticed by society, individually you are never overlooked. If only you could feel the power of yourself like Spirit sees it, you would be amazed! Each one of you, plus all the people who have been in and out of your life, make yourself a thing of intrigue and blessings. Forgetting your role as an enormous piece of the Creation’s puzzle does nothing for your soul growth. Be as empowering as you are! Elevate and accept an attitude of journeying your way to the peaks of prosperous living, knowing that the eyes of angels are piercing your heart and soul. Today, be thankful for the love of yourself. Many people need you to create their magical world. The Spoken Words of Spirit bless you in magnified ways!
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Diane said...

"If only you could feel the power of yourself like Spirit sees it, you would be amazed!" I believe this sentence belongs to you Jim! You make such a tremendous impact on so many people's lives, near and far. Your impact is huge! Thank you so much for making such a difference in mine...

Jim Fargiano said...

Thank you Diane.