Monday, October 19, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 20, 2009

Have you ever stopped to truly look at who you are? Do you see someone special, or someone you don’t like? Are you afraid to improve? Do you want to lift your mind and emotions to a higher level? Will your legacy be one of loving triumph, or one that makes you feel that you did not make a difference? Perhaps the most important question is this; do you feel like you are a piece of God?

From Spirit’s perspective, if you answered “no” to the last query, then we have some real work to do with you. Each person was created in His image, however, many of you may not subscribe to that thought, which is also fine. Our attempt to teach you has always been to make you feel enlightened and a special part of a the universe. Without you, nothing would be the same. Make sure you do not sell short the importance of yourself and soul. All people were created with purposeful intent. Each one of you are enduring icons of a much larger picture, yet it is only the things in your control that you need to concern yourself with. The rest will be left up to those on the side of Light.

In your daily journey, look to see what you can do to make yourself feel as potent as the angels see you. Make sure you can see the glint of life that brims with love in your soul, only because your soul is a centerpiece of a physical life that needs to be nurtured with love. It is the young ones in society that need to have this taught to them. The earlier people realize their combined strength, the faster society will be to turn into something extraordinary. When your heart feels love, it is like no other emotion. When you feel sadness, anger or depression, you are denying yourself of this pristine feeling. As your life progresses, the only thing you need to concern yourself with is the up side that you bring to it. Embellishing a loving state of awareness is what makes you great and lifts the people up around you. It can be contagious, just like our bond to you. We are also a piece of the Creation, helping to lure you on a healthier and happier path. Today, allow for the willingness of success and motivation to flourish! Feel the angels surround you; their glistening hearts and harps making perfect music for your soul to be nourished. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Lydia M said...

Thank you and Spirit for another wonderful message. I am happy to say that I look at myself, and like what I see. It took decades to get here, but what a great place to be. I know that I am a work in progress, and look forward to every improvement.

nina said...

Hi Jim,
Yes, I can see that I am a piece of God as we all are. When I'm really flowing with the loving feeling of that idea...all is so good in my world! Thanks so much for these wonderful words.

Jim Fargiano said...

I wish everyone could find the place you are in, Lydia. It does take most of us a long time to figure it out.

Nina, you are one of a kind; the perfect piece to the puzzle.

Jim Fargiano said...
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