Friday, October 2, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 3, 2009

Dream big! Set your goals early and often so that you always have something to strive for. Create a path of ideas and actions for yourself. The carriage that envelops you with love and life, with love and Light is filled with the sweet smell of success…your angels! Never think you cannot achieve anything as long as you put your mind to it. Success comes with the proper attitude.

There are times when we see many people give up on their quest to be happy individuals. They are thrown off track my everything from deaths in the family to oversleeping in the morning. Perhaps a dog barking, or your cat deciding to sit on your computer desk, may be the cause. No matter what you think, they are all excuses to keep you from rising above the level you were either taught or decided was safe for you. It’s time to break free of the imprisonment of limitations. Your fate is not sealed by thinking in ways of impoverishment on any level, or that you simply don’t feel you are good enough. This is especially true if you think that other people see you this way. To Spirit, that is rubbish!

Your angels and treasures are always within your grasp. True; it may take a little longer to reach some goals, but none will ever be met if you do not shed the dead skin that you have outgrown. Like the beauty of many reptiles and birds, shedding what has become dull allows the rest of the world to see the brightness of new beginnings. Today, it is your day to see your life in this scene. Today, you can reach for the stars and feel as though they are at your fingertips. Only you will ever know how far you can stretch, simply because it is your mind and approach to life that can command the results. Be as confident in yourself as Spirit is with you. The many blessings of life are at your disposal. Seek the results by aligning yourself with the right actions. In actuality, if you believe that you can uncover the gifts of emotional stability, financial prowess or romantic love, your subconscious behavior and the universe will deliver it. Always have recall that you are a gift of and from God. The Archangels sprinkle the vibratory healing lights all over you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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JoAnn said...

How did you know about my cat and that I oversleep just about every morning? You are wrong about the dog though - he doesn't bark he just whines non-stop if I am not petting him every second! This message is just what I needed to hear - I do have several goals that I want to accomplish - but I do have an excuse for not doing every one of them!
I love the analogy of shedding "the dead skin that you have outgrown." Also "seek the results by aligning yourself with the right actions". Very motivating!
Thank you Jim!

Anonymous said...

Amazingly, my cat has JUST dropped on and off the computer desk the secong before I read that line!

Diane said...

What a great message Jim! "Only you will ever know how far you can stretch, simply because it is your mind and approach to life that can command the results."

Our thoughts create our life--all we need to do is to think positive thoughts...thanks for the reminder!

Jim Fargiano said...

JoAnn and Anonymous, the cat mention came after the blog was done. They wanted me to go in and add that. I just thought it was not to play favorites--dogs over cats. lol

Thank you Diane. You've only just begun to receive the great stuff

K. Frangeskos said...

Thanks Jim for your uplifting and inspiring words from spirit.

Never give up faith that God can change our life and make it better, especially when we are willing to work for it.

All the best to you my friend...