Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 29, 2009

Wisdom comes from experiencing all of what life has to offer. There is balance in everything. Over the course of your own existence, the yin yang aspect of the universe will play out for you. Even situations that seem to be emotionally crushing will open new doors to meeting new friends and even altering your perspective. You get to choose to suffer or make a change. Better yet, you can make a difference in the lives of many others by working through your problems by helping them.

Focus on what shifts you can make to feel lauded by the High Powers. What do you want to do in life to be remembered in a good way? Your legacy is important. Your actions are even more important if you are ready to set the tone for personal greatness or achievements. From the empowering side of Light, we can see what you are able to do. In our eyes, you are limitless in what you can do, attain and obtain. Potential does not have to be a dormant philosophy. Potential leads to goals, and once acted on, potential becomes success. List your goals for the future now. In fact, if you are a regular follower of living life in a spiritual way, you would have already done this--repeatedly. Part of growing through life is to continue to adjust and improve on what you think you want or need. You should look back at some of your old lists to see what has already been fulfilled. If you find them unanswered, then review whether or not they are truly important and if so, why you have not made the moves to receive them.

We implore all of you to recognize your power and the infinite power that surrounds you. With the peace of your loved ones being sent directly to you, there is no reason not to feel uplifted and embraced. The only person who can stop you from emoting in good and healthy ways is yourself. The only person who can create the path of optimism and love is you! Visualizations are vital for you to “see” your happiness, both now and in the future. Simply make sure you include a few concepts with them. First, what you desire must be positive for you in body, mind and spirit. Secondly, you must trust that the relevance of God and Spirit is not diminished or missing in the process. Lastly, you must feel love for what you are trying to bring forth. Without it, struggles can and most likely will continue. Since that is what you are trying to dispose of, it should make sense to accept it as your want and right towards adding to a blissful life of fortune. Regardless of what you do, know that the Ascended Masters have their arm around you as they usher you forward with confidence and the love you deserve. May peace fill your heart. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Jim said...

So many of these messages seem tailored to me.....many of them almost seem personal. Yes, we get to choose to suffer or to make a difference when faced with extrenme personal losses and setbacks.

Rizal Affif said...


Something I let go a year ago.

For I am living in the moment fully, now. Only then, I can sense the guidance from The Source. When to move, and what to do, precisely. Such guided acts somehow brought far greater wonder than any personal plan. That is why, I feel like I no longer need any goals. Do we really need future goal, while all we need is in the moment?

Great blog, anyway. Gives me another perspective of spiritualism :)

Regards :)

Therese said...

I know what you are saying Rizal. The moment may be all we have and Spirit's messages time and time again remind us to capture this concept and live it. But I do think that having ideas, plans, a course of some sort are a part of living mindfully and purposefully and does not mean we should dispose of "the moment". It's just that we probably all have a calling and it would be good to lean into that calling by walking a certain path toward a goal based on what we feel in our heart and also what is realistic. Then again, all that may change in a flash so we need to be prepared and open to that as well. SOme of our best challenges offer us the most opportunity for growth I believe.

C Ray said...

Jim, I thought this was tailored for me also. What a boost! Thank you for this!

Jim Fargiano said...

Rizal, I can understand what you are saying. However, we still live in a physical body and cannot forget that much of what we need to learn is to combine the power of the physical world with that of God and Spirit. If we aim for nothing, then where is the lesson going to be learned from?

I agree that if we break everything completely down that it is the Higher Presence that guides us. It is still our responsibility to advance our life and soul by aiming to live it in a peaceful, loving manner, but with some sense of direction. We do create our own reality. Alternate viewpoints are all a part of our growth--thankfully.

Diane said...

"Wisdom comes from experiencing all of what life has to offer." So true.

There is no better lesson learned than actually living through it. And with each lesson/situation I encounter my persepctive has definitely been altered. I beleive that I have experienced these things, not only for my own soul growth, but to help others, to be a teacher and guide with love and compassion and common sense. Does that make sense Jim?

Thank you for this message. It really touched me.