Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 5, 2009

Spirit always peeks into the window of your soul. It is a way for you to know that regardless of what is going on in your life, the Higher Powers are always at your side. If you are aware of the fact that the angels are scanning your life, then it works and helps in two ways.

The first thing is that you should feel satiated with love, admiration and the special feeling of inclusion by those on the other side. It helps you to stay balanced and focused on how perfectly and uniquely special you are in the eyes of God. It should make you feel worthy of all things in life, because you truly are worth the time and effort of receiving all the greatness that the universe has to offer you. In the view of the angels, you are an incredible soul with unlimited potential.

The second thing that you should be thinking about is that if Spirit is watching over you, then it is a reminder to make sure you live up to the optimism and love that you have within yourself. It will make you think twice about saying or doing something that is improper for your own well-being, and also in the manner in which you deal with other people. It will cause you to have more tolerance of those you may not agree with or like. The world then becomes a much more peaceful place to reside in.

Spirit wants all of you to realize that you are cloaked in the resilience, love and protection of many angels. You must also recognize that this perfect balance between you, in the physical world, and those in spirit, enables you to go forth with a confidence and power that is often forgotten about. Today is your day to spring to life! Look at who you are and show gratitude for your existence. Nothing that you can do will keep you from the Light, provided you are living your life as purely and with positive intent. Dance with Ascended Masters and feel the mastery of yourself. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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mary said...

This is a beautiful message as always. I do feel and hear my angels voices guiding me many times during the day. It really does help me to stay balanced and helps me to be more tolerant of others. The world then becomes a much more peaceful place to reside in. Thank you Jim you are truely a gift to so many .. Love & blessings :-)**

Diane said...

"Spirit always peeks into the window of your soul." I love this! Such a simple sentence, yet so powerful. It just makes me smile...thank you Jim and Spirit for another uplifting message to carry us all through the day!

nina said...

Hi Jim,
This message gave me a strong feeling of peace. Thanks.

C Ray said...

I didn't have a chance to read this earlier, but I feel like I was getting this message today and you confirmed it. Thanks Jim!

Jim Fargiano said...

Mary, you seem to have it said perfectly, but most people don't grasp the fact that it is so simple.

Diane, that was my favorite line in the message too.

Nina, "someone" just told me that you are the one bringing peace to the minds and souls of many others.

Ray, validation is always appreciated. I find that if I'm not paying attention to what I should be doing that Spirit clubs me over the head with something, just to make their point.