Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 8, 2009

Where there is life for you, there is the breath of God and Spirit. Each rhythmic inhale and exhale that you take is accompanied by the flow of love from them. Never feel as though you cannot achieve your dreams. If you completely trust in the union of your soul to the Soul of Creation, no spiritual or emotional problem is incurable. You have built-in powers that can filter out the negative and etch in only the good thoughts and memories you’ve had, have, and want to make.

When you are going through circumstances beyond your control, this is when you should be invoking the perimeter energies we speak of. Only you can make the changes you seek, but you need to open your mind and stop the stubbornness when it comes to your union with the other side. We will remind you of one vital fact. The connection we speak about also has much to do with the help you can receive on the physical side of life. Spirit sends or makes available many people and situations that can help you in a multitude of ways. It is your choice as to whether or not you take notice of them, or for that matter, utilize them for the right purposes.

In life, you can either be sad and lag behind, or you can dispense of your frustrations and seek the avenues that lead to the change you want and want to be. Let us glide you through the rough patches. Let yourself have the fortitude to remain on a course that showers you with the miracles of all things pertinent to your craved happiness. Today, reach for your goals by telling your mind it is alright to be a receiver of the joyful things that you can benefit from. With an infinite universe, nothing of the physical world is completely out of range. Be empowered! Brace for great changes! Fly with the eagles and angels! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Therese said...

So true about Spirit sending people to help us during difficult times. If only we took notice ...the person really is a "godsend". It might be a new friend, an old one, or a complete stranger. It is curious how in retrospect it seems that circumstances seem to unfold in a way that was almost planned. I mean the pieces just seem to fit and it seems unbelievable...unless of course you do BELIEVE and then it just seems like it was all overseen by Spirit or some great power who did not forget us. Thank you Jim for keeping us on track with your beautiful messages of inspiration and hope.

Diane said...

"If you completely trust in the union of your soul to the Soul of Creation, no spiritual or emotional problem is incurable." I do trust in this; however I find myself upset, frustrated, impatient, you name it! when things happen that I feel are beyond my control. And I seek help from others as well...things eventually work out in the end. It's that interim period that is so difficult!

Thanks Jim...I needed to hear this today!

Jim Fargiano said...

Therese, I am sure you are more connected then you think. Please continue to stay the course you are on because it will be releasing and relieving.

Diane, you are doing a superb job in rising above the calamity of others. They aren't your problems unless you let them saddle you.