Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 21, 2009

Obliterate your negative thoughts! It is not good enough to think that you want to change them, alter them, or work around them. A complete reworking needs to take place in your mind. Start to recognize all the times you catch yourself thinking about what you want in your life, then look at how many times you have those quick or subtle, “but it probably won’t happen for me” type of thoughts. These subconscious, ingrained ideas, need to be eradicated. Most of them come from outdated lessons learned or taught in your younger years.

You are the king and queen of your own dominion! Spirit ushers unto you the ability to create a life of value and happiness. You will learn to resurrect the memories of those who you love who have re-entered into the Kingdom of Angels. These remembrances will be filled with a catalogue of perfect feelings, joyful and heartfelt emotions. You will use them as a catalyst for the changes you seek. Your mood will be elevated, as you teach your heart that it is alright to move ahead. The only power needed to exist is just the power to be. Be who you want and do what you would like to do! No singular person, nor individual event, can take away your power and privilege to be cupped in the loving arms of angels! Reach out and receive, or pull away and feel empty. The choice is yours.

The King Child wants you to have His energy reverberate within your heart and soul. In actuality, you are a piece of this divinity; a bud on the tree of life. In your physical existence, all people get to make choices. Some do it with seeming ease, while others tend to struggle. The only difference between the two is whether or not they allow themselves to grasp the awesomeness of the gift of perfection. Spirit sees that gift as you! If we can do that, why do you think you should do the opposite? Embrace your thoughts with a wave of euphoric emotions! You deserve inner peace and an outer world of contentment. Will you give yourself a chance to receive both? These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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florence said...

love the clarity of the message...been sort of cranky lately and know it is a choice...thank you for the straight forwardness of this message

Jim said...

"You will learn to resurrect the memories of those who you love who have re-entered into the Kingdom of Angels"
A most beautiful and reassuring contemplation.

Anonymous said...

ha! I was just sitting here at my desk bombarded already with requests by others. I was grumbling to myself and thinking, "Oh! I can't wait to retire. I am so tired of this..." Then I clicked on to the message "Obliterate those negative thoughts!" I started to laugh. Okay, onwards and upwards..."fly with the eagles and angels!"

Diane said...

"Reach out and receive, or pull away and feel empty. The choice is yours." It's just that simple, isn't it...? We can do and be who we want to be just using the power of our thoughts. I love it!

Thank you Jim and Spirit.

nina said...

Hi Jim,
I could not agree more. I have been living this message lately and it feels so good! Thanks for these powerful life changing words!

Jim Fargiano said...

Clarity is all about living life in truth and simplicity. The more we are able to do it, the easier it gets for us to understand the messages. Thanks to all of you who take the time to read them, as well as to leave your comments. Whether or not you realize it, it is much appreciated and needed for me to see that I'm "hearing" the right words for everyone.