Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 16, 2009

In an effort to keep you on track, we remind you of the need for you to look beyond the boundaries of your personal life. It will inspire you to receive messages from the other side if you stay open to the idea of “inter-dimensional” communication. From the perspective of Spirit, there is no divide between the physical world and the spiritual. Likewise, with true trust and belief, you should be able to feel the same way. A vast majority of information awaits you!

The preference to be happy, as opposed to sad and depressed, is inborn in all people. This fact makes it possible for everyone to desire improvements in their life, in all forms. Why not tap into the Infinite Intelligence that has the same thing in mind for you? Stop the stubbornness of trying to rationalize each aspect of communication. Spirit has to work with you in an energy form, thereby making it a bit hard for you to conceive that this is just as powerful as an action performed in the physical sense. Trust the messages delivered through a variety of means. Pennies from Heaven, a ladybug landing on your arm, an unexpected windfall, and many other ways of contacting you are always reverberating. From the side of Golden Light, your happiness is our top priority.

It is also our hope that the world becomes a place of harmony and not divisiveness. You can do your part by sharing your time with other people who could benefit from a helping hand. Why not perform a simple act of kindness? Why not open your heart to people you do not know, instead of instantly becoming wary of them? Why not feel love when Spirit thrusts it upon you, especially when you are given an opportunity to have your life improved? All these “whys” in your mind often create fear on your part. It is then that we find you panicking and unfairly ending a gift from the connection to Spirit, often doing so in a distasteful and improper manner. If you were to have complete faith in what you feel, then your happiness would come much easier. Keep in mind that your attitude towards others will also reflect back on the way the universe responds to you. Balance is everything!

Our purpose in this message is to get each of you to think about the simplicity of the loving communication you can have through Jesus, Moses, Buddha and the archway of angels. We want you to take the time to apologize to anyone you have wronged so that your heart and soul can feel cleansed. Otherwise, you are leading a life that is not truthful, thereby creating a path of uneven energy. Our goal is simple. It is to have each person feel a unique bond to Spirit, but even more, it is to have you become melded with the energies of greatness. There is one last thought from us; never assume that someone who has a true connection to the other side is being deceitful when your own thoughts embrace a wall of fear concerning a vast opportunity to change your life for the better. You are empowered and gifted by the Angels to be satiated and wrapped in the essence of pure love. May you find your steps leading you to the best path. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

"You are empowered and gifted by the Angels to be satiated and wrapped in the essence of pure love." I love this sentence. I do feel this love many times. Also, things turn up that I had misplaced. I do try to rationalize each time this happens. Like how did they just appear out of the blue. I guess these words are part for me.. God bless You Jim :-)**

Therese said...

I remember reading once that Angels sometimes leave a feather in their path. It was during a trying time that I read this. The next day I noticed a pink feather by my feet on the floor in my office. It is hard to believe but it is true. I saved the feather, the memory, and the belief.
What do you think, Jim?

Diane said...

"Stop the stubbornness of trying to rationalize each aspect of communication." I think that was written for me :-) and my tendency to overanalyze everything instead of just relaxing and accepting...
But I do love the Pennies from Heaven and find one almost everyday, so I know my angels are all around me.

Therese, I just love hearing that you found a pink wonderful! That was a pure message of love for you from your angels. How beautiful!

Thank you Jim and Spirit, just another reminder to LG!

Jim Fargiano said...

Mary, thank you. Diane, you are invaluable, as well as valuable--so says Spirit.

Therese, I saw a feather on my front lawn yesterday that I did not recognize from any bird around here. My hands were full and I couldn't bend down to inspect it, but was told it was from a Midwest bird. That made no sense to me until I got an e-mail on FaceBook from one of my friends. It parallels your message. Spirit will use any means to find a way to reach us. Last week, when I got up in the morning and sat down to start my day at the computer, a blue feather was sitting on top of everything. Just accept all of those symbols as a meaure of love and protection for yourself.