Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 26, 2009

Dance with the illumination of angels as your partner. You are perfect and pure. Life is without permanent sorrow, however, it is full of permanent choices. Happiness can replace fear, frustration and sadness at any point. Sometimes, it seems to happen without you realizing it. Other times, it is created when you decide that it is time for you to seize the emotions you would like to have, rather than wait for the ones you do not like to run their course.

Worry less about doing everything in a perfect state. Instead, accept who you are as you are, but with the desire to want to improve. You have that ability. This makes us wonder if being perfect actually does exist. Our point is that you are where you need to be at this point in your life. With the help of your Higher Self, striving for more accomplishments is proof of love and appreciation for this gift to you! Spirit sees you as their gift! Dream of a life strewn with perfect balance. Happiness, love and good health are available to you.

Lessons are always being learned. Try not to be angered by the ones you do not agree with. Use them as a catalyst to make changes in your life. They should also be used to make a vast difference to other people. Many times, by virtue of the example you set in your own actions, you enlighten others to match your vibration. It is the perfect example of how you can make a difference without thinking you are. Mimicry is the best form of flattery--provided it is being done to enhance growth.

This week, ask yourself what your intentions are. Do you want to gain in the life’s treasures? Would you like to be happy and uplifted, or is feeling downtrodden more suitable? We hope the latter is not the case, because if it is, you have missed the point of our lessons. Will you do something to feel triumphant; to feel weightless in a world that may seem heavy? You can do that! With angels sitting on your shoulder to guide you, anything is possible! May you feel the love that life has to give you, and may you also be able to absorb the gentleness from a world that has much to offer. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

With angels sitting on my shoulder to guide me. What more can I ask for..
God Bless you Jim:-)*

Jim Fargiano said...

Mary, thank you. Let the angels be your guide.