Monday, October 5, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 6, 2009

When life begins to rejuvenate for you, make sure you do not stop it in its tracks. Often, we fear receiving what we want. It is easy to be resistant to the aspects of life we covet, but it is with great pride that Spirit tells you that you can be fearless. They are at your side, complete with the abundance of love and protection; Light and perseverance that you need. You can be truly fearless if what you are seeking comes from the heart, or for that matter, from any place of good intentions.

Most people forget that their jaunt up the mountain of life can be easily enhanced by realizing that help is around them. Where or whatever you decide is your peek, the angels will carry you even higher so that you can have an even greater view of what the picture of a serene life looks like. They will show you treasures beyond your greatest beliefs. In so many different ways, you can be rewarded when you totally and unequivocally cast aside the seeds of doubt. Be triumphant without fear! Move yourself in the direction that will free your heart and soul! Undo the knots of sadness, grief and poverty-driven thinking by jumping forward with enthusiasm into the waiting arms of the Highest Power.

We tell you this so that you can feel the invigoration of what a life of great joy and elation can feel like. Have you ever imagined spending even a single day in a Utopian environment? Think large! Cure yourself of the blues by knowing that even your loved ones are amassing more love for you while they watch over your from the perch of Golden Light. Just as there is a stream of protection for them, when you move yourself forward, a mass of complete and perfect functionality sets in. You are protected children; even when you are angry or confused by the actions of others or the seeming inability of God to protect someone who may have found themselves on paths of self-destruction. In spirit, our focus is not only in blending their souls into a new and better understanding of life, but it is even more important for you to know we are doing the same for you. May we always be the guiding light that paves the way for you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Jim said...

Very beautiful and comforting words.
Thanks again Jim for these inspiring messages. They have become a intrinsic part of my life.

Maureen said...

Very upbeat..... we have nothing to fear...

C Ray said...

Wow! What a lift! I like that higher place with a view. Thanks, Jim!

Diane said...

"You can be truly fearless if what you are seeking comes from the heart, or for that matter, from any place of good intentions." Wow...this says it all.

Lately I have felt like my angels are right next to me, all around me, showing me that there is nothing to fear, and how to be fearless, how to achieve that serenity...thank you Jim and Spirit!

Jim Fargiano said...

Thank you. All of your comments are appreciated.