Friday, September 12, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 13, 2008

A cleansing of the land is taking place, but so too is a cleansing of our (Spirit's) children and their souls. While nature's fury unleashes itself in many areas, it is God and Spirit's desire to remind people of this fact. It is understood that to make comparisons between a natural disaster's strength and the telling power of Spirit is not necessarily the greatest of analogies. We are doing it for a reason. Some situations in your personal lives might not be able to be prevented, however, regardless of the cause, to believe and stay steadfast in your commitment to the higher powers will always bring an inner sense of solace. Let your spirit of generosity and compassion rise higher than the tides. Let the notion that you are a perfect being cleanse all that troubles you. Visualize the strength of the hurricanes and tornadoes as the broom that sweeps away all negativity from your lives. As always, the winds of Spirit's energy will carry you in the direction your life needs to go. We leave all who need them the blessings of the White Light.


Ellen Sherry said...

Every time I read your words from spirit, it helps heal my heart and put things in perspective. God bless you and all the people you help!

laurie said...

I know Spirit is not talking to me directly, though it feels that way sometimes.When I read the words they seem to be just what I need to hear. Thank You.

kfalcian said...

Kathy F
Is that's whats happening to my Daughter her soul is being cleansed. I was getting very worried, but now I understand. I guess it's not easy being 16 and seeing what she sees through her gifted eyes. I guess she doesn't understand whats happening either. I will enlighten her.Thank you once again for your help.