Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 25, 2008

We love life and want you to love it too! A level of patience needs to be incorporated. However, making assumed and judgemental assessments of people will only cause what you don't want. Our point today is for you to take a step back when considering any important decision. Think without anger when you aren't personally aware of all the facts, but rather with a yearn to know more. Informed intelligence always trumps emotionally based actions. Some of the most influential people who have ever walked the earth were quiet, unassuming and modest. They worked without ego, but were in tuned to the Highest Spirit. It is their legacy that lasts for centuries because of the meaning of the words which were shared with deliberate passion and clarity. Those who approach life and have to be flamboyant to in order to make people react can sometimes be the most dangerous. While many of you have interpreted these words in ways that reflect politics, many others have critiqued them on a level of family and friends. Others have taken them as traits of spiritual leaders. The truth lies somewhere in between, but today's message is actually about you. Spirit wants you to share your word, "your ministry" through passive, quiet and functionally sound thoughts and love. No one needs to be a great orator in order for the factual importance of what they have to say to actually have meaning. Are you quietly and politely spreading the word of love, peace, optimism and protection? If so, then you are a great leader and one that has earned the respect of your peers, and even more importantly, God and Spirit! Keep on empowering yourself and those around you!

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