Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 18, 2008

We must remember that it is not our aptitude or intellectual abilities that determines our spirituality and success. It is our attitude. Being on a spiritual path is open to all and is, in fact, an opportunity that is uniquely fair and balanced. We want to share this point with you because each of you, no matter what your thought capability, is a child of God and Spirit. The word "child" has been used as a platform for growth. Even octogenarians are children and can still learn and grow. This is a message that reminds you that there is no major pressure to live a life that is a bounty of spiritualism. You can still falter from time to time and not worry about whether or not you are still Light or Heaven bound. Put your anxieties to rest by looking at each concern and event as an isolated item. Prevent yourself from assuming the worst case scenario because without the facts of the future being known to you, there is no bad result. In other words, stop and rationalize in the immediate reality of what is happening. This will make your life a much more relaxed place to be.
Don't forget to tune in tomorrow to at 1:00pm for Steve Maraboli's interview about my spiritually given book, The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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