Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 4, 2008

Let us never forget the importance of friendship. It is one of the driving forces behind our individual efforts to be successful. You could say that well established friendships are the thriving force in your lives. Who are you friends with? Are you aligning yourself with people who can lift you up, or just those who prop you up? We, in spirit, ask this for a reason. If you are being lifted up, all that simply means is that you are with people who are seeking your best interests. If you are just being propped up or are doing the propping, then Spirit sees this as a friendship of convenience.
Long-term friendships require a lot of adjustments. Your long-term commitment and friendship to Spirit also offers the same. Only you can decide if your time is valuable enough to be lifted up by the Higher Powers. Only you can decide how much effort to put into a relationship that can promote positive growth. Have you decided whether or not you want to be lifted up or stuck because you're looking for someone to prop you up? The reality is that Spirit does both. Think about this. You can grow stronger immediately, or you can choose to keep your life still. Either way, you can move forward knowing that the blessings of Spirit run to and through you.

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