Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 2, 2008

Let us breathe! Spirit wants all people to recognize their physical self. Absorb your surroundings and note all the life that is still abuzz. Even though the warm days of summer are winding down for many people, it does not mean that socializing and general get-togethers should too. Do something different this upcoming season. Embrace those who care about you. Embrace those who love you for who you are. Love others for who they are, but not for what they can do for you.
If that seems a little different, it is. Spirit wants the focus to be on compassion and compatibility. Let's not worry about the pressures we feel, or worry about the million and one excuses we can come up with to avoid a happy life. Think about this. How many times have you not done something out of fear that it would be everlasting? Why not embrace that idea and see that the everlasting aspect can be good for you? Trust that it is perfectly okay to open your heart to the things or people that can be healing to you. God and Spirit are always available to assist you in the process!

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