Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 9, 2008

It was brought to my attention in the wee hours of the morning that most of us are actually afraid to embrace changes that will lead to an easier and perhaps more distinguished life. Spirit used the word "distinguished" because they told me that until we see ourselves as a unique aspect of a very large universe that life may always seem muddled. When I questioned them about it, the response was clear and concise. All Spirit wants is for us to recognize that our individuality is a vital piece of the cosmic jigsaw puzzle. In other words, our lives on earth are interconnected with everyone and everything. This is a unique way for Spirit to let us know that however frustrating and futile some stretches of time might be for us, the " keep your eye on the ball" aspect is that we have the potential to change the direction and lives of all people. You are all special! Everyone deserves happiness and peace in their souls. Will you let it happen? Will you share your love and availability with anyone who needs reminding of their distinguished importance? Have an uplifting day today!

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Terry said...

Thank you for reminding me not to despair during difficult "stretches". Showing kindness, having faith, pushing through, and knowing there is a reason things happen will help sustain us. So many times I forget this truth. Challenges and opportunities to become stronger, more loving, more mindful present themselves in strange ways sometimes.