Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 22, 2008

We lift you up to be praised and recognized simply for being the best person you can be. Of course, the logical question to follow by us is this: Are you living your life in the manner you would want to be treated? Are you honoring your responsibilities to those you have made commitments to? Are you treating your friends, family and acquaintances in the perfect loving way that the true path of spiritual relevance requires? All of these questions can be changed if you are uncomfortable about answering "yes" to any of them. There is no reason for you to hold back from simply extending a hand of help, a hug of humanity and compassion. Nothing in life can prevent you from adding to someones happiness and making them feel like they count in a world that can sometimes seem too big. Manage your life just as though you were sitting at the side of God. This way, you can feel a special blessing pulsating through you, as it is always. Today, give a hug to someone you might normally do that to. If someone says something that may aggravate you, release them of their indiscretion because the energy required to get upset is only taking away from your own pleasantry. You are a protected and special person. Live this day and everyday knowing it!


prophetess said...

I only wondering if you believe Jesus to be son of God?

and if you do, then why not ever say anything to anyone in the room about moon talk or divination?

if you loved humanity then you WOULD

people think I am aggressive but really it is LOVING YOU, one day you will know that,

I wanted that spiritual room to know heaven instead of being thrown into lake of fire, Jesus was clear in revelation sir, he will leave those behind attached to witchcraft

the wise men was an entirely different matter, and the astrologists can try use that one day but IT WONT WORK,

Jim Fargiano said...

I believe Jesus is the Master Spirit, however, my mission as far as God and Spirit is concerned is to spread a message that is encompassing to all beliefs, not just one. It allows for more people to let God into their life, but does so in a non-threatening way. It is not my mission to specify how someone should worship or think, as we are living in a physical life and must honor that part of ourself, not just the purist and religious philosophies. I believe God wants all people to know Him. As long as the method is loving, then there is no conflict.