Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 3, 2008

Well, this is a better late than never entry. Being deeply connected to Spirit doesn't take away the "normal" problems we all go through---like having your computer malfunction for no apparent reason.
Spirit's message today is in line with my words above. It is up to us to live through our physical lives, pesky problems and all, and just absorb the feeling of accomplishment when something is resolved. There will always be trying times for everyone. Without them, how would any of us ever grow? Our lives and souls are intertwined in a unique manner. Some days it is our soul that needs to learn; other days it is for our physical growth. Trying to figure out which aspect of yourself is getting the lesson can be maddening. It is also the reason we should simply trust the guidance and wisdom from the Higher Side.
Use this message as a springboard to your own healing. Take the time to honor your successes and worry less about the outcome before it happens. Love and life are yours. All you need to do is embrace it and the people who can make you feel special. God has sent angels to all of us in all shapes, sizes and ways. Quiet your mind long enough so you can connect to them.

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