Monday, September 15, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 16, 2008

We don't strive to make drudgery a part of life, yet somehow, it seems to happen to most people at some point. Spirit knows and acknowledges these distressful times and want to find a way to lift you out of it. Have you ever noticed that problems that are purely in the physical realm, say between two people or two countries, are more quickly resolved when communication takes place? Well, it is the same for you and us. If you talk to Spirit and not shout it down, or shut it down, then you will find a friend in us. It's a pretty simple concept, and often times it is lost, mostly because the base of society has been taught that God and Spirit are scarcely available to you for everyday problems. We don't need to be "saved up" for catastrophes and dire circumstances. Make time today to talk to us and maybe even walk with us. We, in spirit, are your confidant, friend, ally and spiritual advisers. Together, we can make things happen!

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kfalcian said...

Never has a truer word been spoken. My family was on verge of falling apart, I asked for help and it ws given. We have things to iron out but all in all my call for help was answered. I was also shown it wasn't them (it was my anger). Now spirt is helping me work on that and some other wonderful people puy in my path. Everything happens for a reason. Thanks once again Jim