Monday, March 9, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 10, 2009

Let peace enter your heart. Try hard not to always try so hard to do the right thing. Granted, this may sound a bit odd since Spirit wants you to strive to be the best person you can possibly be, but there will be times when the actions of other people will interfere with an outcome that benefits you. We see all sides of life; the good and the bad. Many times, what might seem to be an unfair conclusion to an episode is often done with your highest good in our heart. There are times when you think you deserve something good and it is not granted. This should not be interpreted as a denial. Frequently, time needs to unfold so that you can understand the gifts given from the seemingly unfavorable circumstances.

You are all able to live a life of decency. It is your God-given right to be happy and to have your incarnation on earth be rewarded with all the best aspects possible. Sometimes, denial of what you think you want at the moment, eventually offers the greatest solution and outcome for the long-term. Spirit is a loving energy. In our opinion, all people have the ability to be loving beings. When born into the physical realm, you are given a chance to learn all the skills and lessons needed for life and soul survival. What we simply intend to say is that the minds of all people can translate the same experiences differently. That will cause wide ranges of attitudes and beliefs. Keep your belief system positive, spiritual and pure. This is what will help you to override the times when you feel you have been taken advantage of.

We will add that God and Spirit never take advantage of you. Our commitment and love for you never waivers. We want to reinforce the fact that as long as you maintain the behavior that exemplifies doing the right things in life, as well as by all people, you will not be forgotten. Many times, the filtering system we use clogs up for those who cause harm and then frees up for those who do right. Make sure you do not live life with petty and bitter thoughts. Leave that for anyone who does not want to have an improved outlook. Make sure you take the time to, at the very least; take the actions necessary to recover what may have been stolen or taken from you. Sometimes, Spirit wants you to show resiliency and the fortitude to stand up for yourself. For now, just absorb the words of this message. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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