Friday, March 13, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 14, 2009

Each of you is important in this world. Without you, the lives of many people would be vastly different. Sometimes, Spirit just wants to put a reminder out in front about just how special you are. Many times, it is normal for someone to feel unappreciated or unnoticed. The hustle and bustle of a physical existence can create a lot of drama for many people, thereby leaving them feeling flustered and futile. Spirit thinks that if you want to recognize the difference you make that all you need to do is to “view” what your family’s life would be if you were out of the equation. Do the same for your friends, co-workers, clerks in all the stores you have shopped in; your doctor, the landscaper or any of the many people who received a smile or hello from. If you are in a position where you are helping people, stop to see what their lives would be like if you were not part of it.

The concept we are trying to lay out for you is basic. By virtue of just being alive, you will have impacted tens of thousands of people. That is a bold remark, but actually a clear understatement. Each person changes the environment, economics and patterns of mankind, far more then you could be aware of. If each of you were not reading this message, Spirit would not be sending it. Your children would belong to other souls. Your pets would either be owned by strangers, or in many cases, because you have the heart and concern for their care, they might not be alive. The flowers or trees you planted may not have been around to be pollinated to produce food and a multitude of others in their likeness. The college or school you attend now or in the past would have been impacted.

It is not easy for us to explain in a few short phrases what you mean to society. We cannot even clarify the power behind the words, simply because most of you can not be imaginative enough to follow the flow of changes because you have been taken out of the equation. You make a great difference! Your life is important and respected, especially by the Kingdom of Light. Today, embrace and honor yourself. Feel contented with the knowledge that you have filled an unfillable void. Step into the world today by knowing you are making it a better day for a world full of connected souls. Forever, Spirit and God will love you! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.


Diane said...

This made me think a lot today. I have been wondering if I did more damage in my intense desire to help protect someone than good. I know that my actions have made an impact on many people, but was it in a good way? Did I make anyone sit up and take notice, even though the outcome was detrimental to the one who needs help? I pray that just one of those people recognizes the situation for what it truly is and lends a helping hand before it is too late.

barbara said...