Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 9, 2009

This is a special message from the Egyptian. In some circles he is known as Hilarion, while other times he refers to himself as St. Paul.

Greetings to all. We are embarking on a journey of difficult times on the earth. It is a simple reassurance that I give you today. You will feel reassured as long as you maintain the awareness of what it means to live life in a pure and positive way.

There are people, including some who claim to be more highly evolved in their communication with those on the Golden Side, who will not make you feel safe. In fact, they use their positions as a bully pulpit to spew fear in the air. They speak of the end of civilization in 2012. They speak of apocalyptic endings virtually on any given day. Talk of economic demise is frequent. You will hear that if you do not abide by their way of thinking that you will be gravely mistaken—your life will be filled with poverty, evil and more. You will hear that all people deserve the same breaks as those who earn them. This is as opposed to Spirit’s message as you can get.

Many of you are curious about that last comment. If you tell someone that they will be taken care of by their fellow beings, then you have also told them there is no reason to improve. Subsequently, they give up on trying to procure anything positive. From an aspect of High Spirituality, you are being duped. God and those in His wake will always encourage you to earn your way through your physical existence. However, when you accomplish that feat is when you will have the choice and spiritual balance to help others. It should never come as a mandate from someone else, but from your hearts and souls. It is part of the purity that Spirit will occasionally mention.

You have to ask yourself if you are simply one of the flock of people who have decided that everything should be handed to them, or handled for them. Your other choice is to be of blessed value by living life in the prism of perfect harmony with God. Our desire is to always make you feel like you have a reason to look forward to life; not to merely plod through with a “why bother?” mentality. My point is quite clear; if you want to truly experience happiness to the core of yourself—your soul—then you have to live with the belief that there are people available to help you. Do not blindly follow the mandate of ego-driven leaders without checking your own balance in how it all fits for you. These leaders that I speak about are of the political and spiritual persuasion. This is not a directive to be an anarchist. In fact, it is just the opposite, as Spirit sees a need to prevent anarchy by disappointed followers. You prevent it by empowering yourself through visions of a grandiose life, born out of committment to do the right things.

So, how do you know who to trust? You must first look at how it “feels” to you. Frequently, the resonation within yourself is the clearest indication of right or wrong. You must listen to those who do not have a personal agenda to fulfill. Is the information you are receiving going to directly benefit you, or does it take away from the precepts of true spiritual awareness? Do the people who talk of evening things out for everyone know what is best for each individual? Most likely, they do not. What and who you should be looking towards for your guidance are those who not only spout off about being on a holy path, but who actively do their best to lead by example. Do you align yourselves with those who enjoy giving from the heart to help others, or are you more likely to become a zombie and abide by the thoughts of those who discourage personal growth? If you are successful, are you going to want to stay on that path if you have been told most of it will be taken from you without your consent? There is no reason for you to ever feel saddened when you can make your circle of life improve.

This message could go on for a very long time, yet it is here that I wish to stop. It is also your place to start to revitalize your thinking. You can overcome financial burdens! You can overcome health issues! You can overcome being buried by the negativity that often finds its way into peoples lives! You can overcome your fears of trusting your emotions, even when those emotions and perceptions may mean that you will have to step away from what may previously have felt right. And how do you overcome all of this? Simply by choosing to make a difference. Speak out against those who are discouraging personal growth. Speak out against anyone who tells you that your spiritual journey is a waste of time. Act against those who try to limit your options. Be a guiding light for all to see.

The most important thing that I can share with you is this. Trust that God and Spirit will send you the right people to help you develop your inner being. Trust that you can make a difference by speaking freely and sharing the right way to live. Communicate with like-minded people, provided you are already on a positive path. Show gratitude and do something helpful for anyone who does their best to assist in giving you love and happiness. Spirit knows you can do this! It is with our thanks from the side of Light that we give to you, The Spoken Words of Spirit.


Diane said...

This is a truly powerful and empowering message. The strength and power of the Egyptian can be felt in his words.

I have a question about this statement:

"You can overcome your fears of trusting your emotions, even when those emotions and perceptions may mean that you will have to step away from what may previously have felt right."

Does this mean that if you know and feel in your heart and soul that you did the right thing, that you should step away from the situation or from your emotions connected with the situation?

Anonymous said...


Jim Fargiano said...

Diane, I think that sometimes you do have to step back from situations, especially when they are still raw. It will help you to gain a better perspective, which will also come as some time passes.