Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 16, 2009

To receive in life, you must give. The amount and type of receiver you become perfectly correlates with the attitude and effort of what you give. In other words, the universe will reward you in ways that reflect your approach. If you are open-hearted, and the words and deeds you share with others are helpful and generous, then you can expect God and Spirit to repay you in kind. The Law of Prosperity works well. It states that when you give from the kindness and willingness of your heart, you will receive even up to tenfold what you give.

The best time to latch onto this belief is when you might be at your most down and out. Some of you are already willing to challenge that concept, but what you are not realizing is that if you abide by the principle and invest your heart and personal warmth into giving, you will start to have things happen that will not only “refund” your gift, but it will be sent in abundance. One of the most overlooked things about wealthy people is that the majority are very generous. They try to adhere to the ten percent rule which says that you should be donating to spiritually promoting causes at least ten percent of your income. Once you start blessing those who seem to have risen to a world of success, then you will be able to attain tenfold, the amount you have given. And isn’t tenfold your full value of the ten percent you have given? The key fundamental here is to make sure you do not begrudge anyone else who has done well for themself.

You might want to know why this message is being sent today. Mostly, it has a lot more to do with all facets of life; not just finances. However, there are many people in fear of losing their jobs and that has connectivity to many others. If you apply the intent of the words to all aspects of your life; romantically, financially, emotionally, spiritually and so forth, you will begin to see an easing of your burdens. All Spirit wants for you is to be blessed with the peace, love and contentment that you want. For those of you who happen to be young, all we ask is that you attain the knowledge we have been sharing and apply it as best you can. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the issues that give you cause to worry will begin to quickly disappear. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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