Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 5, 2009

We have a request of all people. Will you make sure that your rights are not violated by those who claim to be looking out for your best interests? It seems to Spirit that anyone who needs to saturate air and sound waves with vocal messages of “My way is the only way” has just their own best interests at heart. When you follow a spiritual path, you should know that there is always another way to do something properly. When we tell you that we want what is best for you, it is true. Having “free will” gives you the opportunity to do things differently then what Spirit or someone else may see as best. The difference is that from the side of God we will continue to support and help you to reach your goals, not discourage you from trying.

We are watching the evolving of a pattern of thinking that prohibits many people from having a goal to aim for. If you are told not to worry about your debts and responsibility, what that is really telling you is that there is no reason to try to improve yourselves. It goes directly against the teachings of self-improvement, as well as self-empowerment. Why try to be successful if you are told it is alright not to? It is Spirit’s intent to get each of you to dismiss one-sided thinking and any thinking that creates an attitude or aura of irresponsibility. You need to be your own advocate for boasting and beaming with confidence to conquer all that ails you.

Spirit is really looking for you to be leaders who will not be blinded by a deluge of information that causes dysfunctional approaches to surviving life, especially in times of concern. When the larger global energy goes towards the negative, it is most prudent for you to reaffirm your beliefs and knowledge of how God and Spirit will protect you. It still happens when you or any single person takes the steps to spread the word of encouragement through your inner voice. In other words, when people shout from the rooftops that the sky is falling, you shout out that you will gladly accept anything that comes from the heavens, as long as you can select the best path for yourself for the future. All hardships eventually come to an end through natural laws, not be forcing unnatural actions on others. This message holds true nationwide, as well as within your family. Never be a steward of negativity, but always be a Sheppard of love and optimism. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.


Terry said...

"...All hardships eventually come to an end." We know this to be true when we reflect on past events of our lives. Good to remember that this too shall pass. In between the ruminations during hard times I like to picture happy and peaceful scenes - on the beach with a pina colada, walking the Montauk shoreline collecting shells, deep belly laughter with friends and family, feeding the birds in my backyard. Thank you Spirit and Jim for the daily reminders.

Jim Fargiano said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You put into "normal" words much of what Spirit wants all of us to remember.

All positive comments posted by anyone is grately appreciated.