Monday, March 2, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 3, 2009

The growth of any person comes with many variations of lessons. We will tell you that even those who outwardly appear to be living a stress free and glorious life may not be. Our lesson today is for you not to assume or judge anyone if you do not truly and substantially know every detail of their life. It is the easiest way to cast the wrong aspersions, consequently leaving you open to the same type of scrutiny from others. We would love for no person to ever think poorly of someone else, especially if they appear to be successful. Our reasoning is quite simple. If you think of anyone with feelings of anger, envy or any type of jealousy for their happiness, what do you think you will get in return?

In tough economic times, it becomes easier to run through life with a “poor me” attitude. Likewise, it is easier to think negatively about anyone who is still doing good. The Law of Attraction states that the universe will bring to you exactly what you put into it. Therefore, bless those who have succeeded and you will place yourself on a path to do the same. This is a far more important lesson then you may be aware of because many of the thoughts we speak of come through subconsciously or in what may be the self-chatter of your thinking throughout the day. Be grateful for those who are not struggling so that you tell the world and Spirit that you would be gladly accepting to receive the same joys.

In essence, this message is about cheering for every person to be infinitely prosperous on all levels. It will make you see life in a much lighter way. Good health will become easier because you will be releasing much of the negative energy that can cause problems. A door is opened for you to be a quality receiver of everything that is good. Always bless others as we are blessing each of you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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