Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 5, 2009

Utilize your skills to help yourself and others. There is a fine line between being needy and being needed. Fortunately, you have the ability to make the designation for who you want to be. There is much valor in being gracious enough to give your time to those who are genuinely in need of some assistance. It is part of God’s plan for all people to “pay forward.” We—Spirit—have not spent much time talking about this vital part of what will reward your soul. Every single thing you do in your physical life is noted by the highest powers. By sharing your wealth—and by wealth we mean your loving ability to assist others—you will be handsomely rewarded in this life, as well as in the afterlife.

We are bringing this message to you for a reason. In times that are tough for many people, Spirit is unleashing this “not so secret” approach to living. Life becomes easier when you donate from the heart. It makes no difference whether we are talking about time, money, or tasks. The key to all of this in making it capable to improve anyone who utilizes the ways of the Law of Attraction is that it is not mandated by someone else. It cannot be forced on you without your consent or agreement. The giving comes from you and your free will. That is when the Masters will create ample opportunities in your life for improvements on all levels of your physical existence.

Just for a moment, think about those people who are remembered in reverent ways. They are always humans who have mastered the spiritual concepts of living and giving from the core of their hearts and souls. There is no shame in following the path of Jesus, Buddha and others like them. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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Diane said...

I truly like the concept of paying it forward.I have been at the receiving end so many times and hopefully at the giving end enough times. I feel that when you do something for someone just because, it lifts their spirits and makes you want to do something similar for someone else. It feels good.