Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 20, 2009

Insecurity is a normal part of physical life existence. We worry so much about doing everything perfectly that we forget that much of our growth comes from making and learning from mistakes. The fears of imperfection can cause many people to think that they are not good enough to mesh up to those they view as having everything done in a flawless manner. Nobody is that perfect on earth. In fact, there is only one energy that can be seen as perfect, and that would be the all powerful God, regardless of what you choose to refer to Him as. So, our question to you is simple: Why add needless stress to yourself when you are just as strong and important as anyone else on the planet earth?

Today, it is your day to enjoy being you. There will be no reasons for you to feel inferior, have low self-esteem or be self-conscious of what you look like or who you are. In the eyes of Spirit, you are perfect! Be secure and feel safe no matter where you go or what you try to accomplish. The greatest inventors were rarely ever right on their first attempt to create anything. Your spiritual leaders do the best they can to enlighten you, yet they are not above learning from mistakes. It is a process. Simply getting through your physical life is enough of a lesson without you causing more stress by analyzing every step you take in it. If you are living with a heart filled with good purpose and intent, then you will be rewarded in countless ways. Your decisions need to be based on love and respect for people, but equally important, if not more, is the fact that you should have the same respect for yourself.

Mistakes are a part of life. What you may deem a failure does not necessarily mean it was your fault. Other people have their own agendas. Perhaps they are not as attuned to spiritual growth as you are. Did you ever stop to think that you are the best spiritual warrior imaginable? If not, then start embracing the chance for you to make a difference. Each step you take makes you one step closer towards feeling embraced by the Light of God, but in an earthbound way. Find someone to help if you are inclined to do so. Find someone to help you if you feel overwhelmed. There are many angels on earth who will not ever turn their backs on you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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Diane said...

It is tough getting through our physical life, isn't it. Some days are more difficult than others and some are incredibly beautiful. Some are...well, bizarre...!!

You have been one of my angels, Jim. Thank you for your endless patience and for putting up with me! No guilt, right?