Monday, March 16, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 17, 2009

If peace is the cornerstone of a happy soul, why is it so difficult for people to live that way? On many levels, you should be looking to simplify your life to incorporate the values to make this normal. Your physical existence should not be overcome by anxiety and the insecurities that other people can place on you. Likewise, it is vital for you to recognize when you are doing the same thing to yourself. Be strong and recalibrate to become the person you want to be. Live life knowing that you are worth something. No one, regardless of their sometimes trying past, is unworthy of being loved to the core. This is God and Spirit’s way of telling you that you are individually just as important as you are as a collective whole.

Try not to be co-dependent towards the people and activities that can easily absorb you. Embrace the strength of God and Spirit. Let us be your guiding force to happy days. Let yourself be open to embracing the words and wisdom from the many people who are available to make your life seem warm and friendly. There is never a justifiable cause to be alone, to feel alone. It is by being open and honest with angels on earth, as well as angels in heaven that they will be the senders of peace and love to you. The world was designed to be a place of beauty and tranquility. It was created with the objective that all people would abide by the laws and practices of the Creator. In other words, the intent of the content would be an outcome of living in a vibration of peace. We ask you, are you doing your part to make the world a place where you can feel personally blessed? All we want is for you to understand that you are always looked at as someone who makes a difference. So, make sure you make a difference in your own life and trust the wisdom that is given to you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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