Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--November 12, 2008

Effort is everything. In spirit, we really look to make all people productive. Our words are meant to inspire and motivate all people, dark or light, religious or non, sick or healthy. The stark reality is that no matter how many days, weeks or months it takes, some who hear or read our words will stay stuck in the quagmire they have created for themselves. This is because they do not take the necessary actions to bring the changes they want. It is a lack of effort. If for no other reason then to be happy, why is it that you avoid the needed movement to procure what you want? Are you afraid to be happy, to be in love, or to be wealthy and healthy? Some of you will adamantly deny that the answer to these questions is "yes." Conquering your fears requires effort. Whether it is a large amount or a small amount all depends on your attitude. Perhaps it also depends on your aptitude.

It is at this point that we remind you that to think too much about something, might actually be the cause for inaction. Don't over complicate the simplicity of trusting the inner guidance that you have. Learn to be at one with yourself. By doing so, you become one with Spirit, and one with the universe. This level of trust encourages you to freely reach new steps in your path of spiritual growth, awareness and harmony. You become the divine force in your own life and are the healer for all that ails or bothers you. Be aware of this and life is joyful. After all, isn't the truth of what you are looking for nothing more then peace, love and happiness? Embrace it with renewed efforts. Charge onto the path of positive proliferation and optimistic views that create the deserved riches that the universe holds for you. Be healthy! Be strong! Bask in loving and literal prosperity! These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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