Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--November 6, 2008

Life moves forward regardless of the changes that go on around you and in the world. If things don't progress the way you deem necessary, there is always another alternative to make life happy. Today, you must relax your mind, so that your message becomes clear. The message we speak of is the message that you want to relay. Have you learned to transmit words and thoughts of hope and harmony? Every action that you take is largely based on your attitude, therefore, if things don't go the way you had wanted, becoming sullen and angry will only exacerbate your frustrations. Since your soul and your "self" needs to learn many things over the course of its existence, you are bound to undergo some times in life that you will feel tested. It is your response to these obstacles that makes you a stronger, more spiritually determined product of God. Take action by pressing a positive agenda for yourself and no one will be able to point a finger of blame or shame at you.

Never should you feel hopeless. These words have been designed to remind you of your role in making the world a happy place to be. Start by doing so with the creation of a single, random act of kindness. If you are someone who never treats yourself to anything, perhaps this is a good time to show yourself a little love too. As each day passes, you will feel the rekindling of love that God and Spirit shower you with. This joy will transfer to others, and they will follow your leadership, not the leadership and thoughts of negativity and those who behave distrustfully. Life will still have a magnificent lustre, as long as you embrace it. These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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