Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--November 17, 2008

Never give up! Hampered by physical problems? Never give up! Plagued by emotional problems? Never give up! Finances a concern? Never give up! Life gives you a reason everyday to start fresh. Will you take advantage of that or worry about what will go wrong as soon as your day starts? Many of you have been reminded in the past to look at all the other people who have problems that may be worse then yours. In the sense of compassion and helping them, go ahead and do that. However, for the intent of this message, why would you? Why would you want to focus on more negativity?

It would be more helpful to look at the many people who illuminate success. Look at and learn from anyone who has overcome massive physical setbacks. Immerse yourself in the same philosophies of anyone who has overridden sadness and depression. Learn from people who have proven themselves and are wealthier then anything or anyone you could have imagined. The reason we are telling you this is because one of the keys to triumph is to mimic the behaviors of proven success stories, instead of feeling jealous or bemoaning them. It creates an attitude of "I can" rather then to drown in all of the "I can't" thoughts that can manipulate and keep you from happiness.
Today, we urge you to do one thing different from your normal path. Put a dollar in the poor box at a spiritual sanctuary. Put a dollar in your new financial freedom account. Why not set up another account as a goal for a completely relaxed and well earned vacation or gift for yourself? Make your mind see the image of what you want for yourself. Anticipate success and achievement! Take a few minutes to share your own spirituality and thoughts with someone. Feel safe with all of this--because you are safe! These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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