Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--November 28, 2008

The world is full of personalities of all varieties. In spirit, we tend to look favorably on those people who put their needs in equal proportion to others. If it surprises you that we didn't say that the needs of others are put first, let us explain. We have been teaching you that the universe responds to the energy you put forth. Since that is the case, if you are always putting everyone else ahead of you, how much happiness could you expect to get? All of life is in balance, so it is imperative for you to make yourself be seen as no less important than anyone else.

In the spirit of giving, we want you to understand that your efforts, thoughts and actions are all recorded and placed into the Ecashic Records. This is basically the imprint of your life that is looked at upon your entrance to the Golden Side. There is no reason for any of you who are receiving this message to be worried in any way. The reasoning for that is because you are showing God and Spirit a desire to learn how to improve yourself and your way of living. Anyone who tries to be better is always looked at fondly.

Our basic message today is to ask you what it is on this day that you will do to make a difference? Will you help someone in need? Will you offer a token of appreciation to someone who is offering you help? Will you stop long enough in your run of errands to give thanks to the powers that make it possible? All you need to do is any one of them and you are taking a step towards the embodiment of a better soul. Spirit will rarely scold you for not doing all the right things, nor will we grow tired of encouraging you to see the beauty within yourself and life. Spend the days and weeks ahead to realize all the ways that you are good, have done something good, or simply remember the reasons your soul is valued and worshipped by Spirit. Make a list of all the items that make you the important person you are. May you all absorb the blessings of the Light and recognize your vibrant importance. These are the spoken words of Spirit.


Diane said...

At what point do we know that we are in balance, or that we are doing enough? Is it simply the way we feel? Or is it the reactions and happiness of those around us? How will Spirit indicate to us that we are doing the right thing? So many questions! :-)

Jim Fargiano said...

The questions are something I have all the time. What I find is that when I start with all the "What if" type of thing, I feel more stuck. It could be that our happiness is maximized when we feel more in balance. On some level, the happiness we bring to others is just another piece of the puzzle.
For me, the battle is to blend all the spiritual knowledge and energy with the fact that I still have to live a life in the physical world. The truth is that looking for a simple answer only overcomplicates the simplicity of just "doing and being". Does that make sense?

Diane said...

Well, yes, it does make sense. "Being", and "doing" sometimes can be mindless, just being yourself and doing what comes naturally. I guess I stop and wonder at times if I am doing enough, or doing the right thing. Then I run a quick "checklist" to be sure I am not being selfish.

Thanks, as always, for your amazing insight, and for Spirit's words!