Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--November 21, 2008

During times of stress, the best way to overcome it is to have faith. It makes no difference whether it is financially or physically related, or even romantically related. The power of prayer and true faith will bring accomplishments to you much more quickly and easily. The ups and downs of emotion will be eased. Life will be more focused and you will not have to worry about each bit of negative minutae you hear in the media. In fact, if you could spend less time tuning into the panic caused by reporting and more time tuning into spirit, your life will be more fulfilled. No, we don't want you to be misinformed about the events of the world, but do it with a constant eye on God and those on the High Side of the traverse.

Our goal is to make all of you stronger, more patient people. Impulsiveness born out of emotion generally ends up disrupting what you want, not giving you what you want. We give many simple thoughts and suggestions to all of you, however, we feel that most of you won't benefit because the advice is so simple. People, as a whole, tend not to follow through on what they read and learn about, especially when it seems too easy. Make today the beginning of your new or renewed effort to be satiated with the empowerment of a spiritually driven path. Make today one of action and one of pure intent to be a welcoming force of a life full of purpose and production. Expect success! Don't just think about it and wish that it would happen. God and Spirit say it is yours because it is yours! These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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