Friday, November 21, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--November 22, 2008

In life, it is great to have high expectations of others. We tend to think that all people will behave in a manner that is agreeable to our own needs. This is a noble thought, but truthfully, it is a bit naive. Please don't take that statement as insulting. Our point is that no one should ever try to make the assumption of how someone else will live their own life. From Spirit's point, they have many of their own soul lessons to learn. In the process, you are learning many for yourself too.

While life is all about balance, it is also about seeing the reality of certain situations. Unless a person is ready to admit and acknowledge that they would be better served by living in a level of harmonious spiritual growth, chances are that they won't. Unless they are willing to live in a way that is respectful and balanced, they will fail you in some form. This leaves you feeling disappointed and frustrated. The best way to handle any type of setback is to step back so that you will move forward from the strain. This is particularly important if the interaction is with a friend or family member who has always managed to manipulate your attitude. These "button-pushers" should not be given the power to control your happiness, regardless of the topic.

Spirit sees you as viable, beautiful souls. We choose to always see the good in all of you, but we also know that it is human nature to sabotage the intensity of living life in a complete and happy balance. Spiritually speaking, you can adjust the tone of reactions by not giving the naysayers the satisfaction of seeing you upset. That way, in all shapes and meanings, you empower your inner self. With a content soul, the human aspect of your journey will also elevate you to the pinnacle of joy that all truly God abiding people seek. These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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