Monday, November 24, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--November 25, 2008

Human nature has us worrying about things from the past, as well as things in the future. We cannot control or reshape anything that has previously happened, however, our direction for the future can be sculpted by the actions we take today. This is your mission; to worry only about the things within your control. It then becomes your choice as to whether you want them to be dragging you down or lifting you up. We want for everyone to feel the “Lightness” that is available. Take a few minutes to reflect on your life, to be grateful for what is in it now, for what it is now. Envision what you want your future to look like. The only request Spirit has is that you do this with a joyous heart and a realistic ambition towards the choices you will make today to bring happiness tomorrow and beyond!
You will make a difference in your level of achievement, your success in all forms. This will also enable other people, by virtue of the energy you put out, to also be more empowered, happy and desirous of their own future. By living in harmony within the walls of your existence, you instill in others the same feelings. This will make the entire world a safer place to be. In other words, you do make a difference is sculpting the love that all good people want. Let today be a day of reflection, thanks, and peaceful contemplation of who you are! These are the spoken words of Spirit.

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